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All over: Commoners everywhere, especially in Tuath Fasach, felt a massive earthquake on Sunday Afternoon. There was no notable damage, except in Tuath Fasach, where a few of the less stable buildings collapsed, killing some livestock. Fortunately, no-one was so seriously injured that healers couldn't recover them.

Aerenor: Refugees have been flocking into Aerenor from points unknown. Most of the people that arrive seemed to be profoundly shaken, but they could not articulate what was bothering them, specifically... they just felt better once they arrived in Aerenor.

Darkwillow Keep: A group of roughly 200 commoners from points around the area have come to petition the creation of a settlement within the lands near the keep. They are waiting for permission to settle. When asked, they stated if they cannot live near Darkwillow Keep, they will attempt to make the journey to Folkestone, Aerenor or Ivory to settle there, instead.

Ivory: A group of refugees is heading west from Charlesford, through Ivory. A few of the refugees are looking for permission to establish a settlement to the north and west of the city, along the river. If asked, they will say that they have had visions that what they need is in that area, and they will know it when they find it, but they wish for a blessing from the leaders of the land before doing so.
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