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Tuath Fasach: Merchants passing near the ruins of the Crossroads claim to have seen strange lights coming from the forest to the northeast. Odd noises and a strange scent have also been reported.

Also in TF, the city of Victory: Rumors abound that a ghost was seen standing upon the volcanic glass left by Chikashi Stormborne's death. The ghost appeared shortly after midnight on the 22nd, and vanished before the watch could ascertain its identity.

Multiple places: Merchants traveling through unclaimed lands have remarked on a noticeable lack of bandit activity, particularly near to the coast. Many merchants state that they have heard strange wolf-like howls in the night, but nothing has come to molest them in the dark. Small-folk from the area claim that a man with a set of horrible beasts has claimed protection for all commoners in the area, and will destroy any man, woman, monster or child that seeks to bring harm to any in those lands.

Folkestone, Aerenor, Ivory: All three countries report that murders have occurred in some of their more populated areas of late. The murder in Folkestone was in Portsmouth, the murder in Ivory was in Charlesford. There is no report of the exact location in Aerenor. All three victims were women in their early 40's with histories of mental illness. All three were hacked to pieces by an unknown assailant. All attempts to revive the women through magic have failed.
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