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The most recent wave of Bedlam spores has landed, and an army of heroes met the black tide upon the field of battle. Reports from the battles are finally making their way by message and rumor across the Realms.

In Rhiassa, Bois sieged the north gate of Cold Springs. Wave after wave of blackness crashed upon the wall, breaking it and surging into the city. With Justari's blessing the heroes held strong, and at the end of the attack the city still stood.

The heroes arrived to Ashenmark once the attack there was already under way. To save the land and bring Gaia to the forefront of the war against Bedlam, the heroes reconsecrated a lost temple to Gaia within Ashenmark's forest. Victory was won mere seconds before the situation became untenable. Much of Ashenmark fell to the darkness, but its woodlands have been protected by the Mother. Many of the peasant refugees from Grimloch who had been living under Ashenmark's protection did not make it to the woods in time and are presumed lost to Bedlam.

With an unknown seed lying dormant beneath the Southern Wastes, the heroes faced their most difficult fight. Several points across the vastness of the Wastes were assaulted, and they simply could not be everywhere at once. Shadowhawk, Vax's Smithy, and the Goblin King's Woods have been consumed, along with vast portions of the Wastes both above and below ground. More would have been lost had it not been for reinforcements sent by the Goblin King to help in the fight. Information is still spotty, but it is clear that chaos is unfurling across the land. Goblin tribes, both subterranean and surface-dwelling, have turned on their long-standing allies in the days following the attack. Randal's tower has somehow remained unharmed through the battle, and Bank of the Southern Wastes ensures its patrons that their emergency plan went off without a hitch. Money invested with them is still safe. Travel in the Wastes has become much more dangerous since the attack, with homeless goblins and silent Bois posing threats all too frequently. Travel is currently ill advised unless accompanied by a WasteRunner.

Johan, priest of Justari, used one of the seven seals to force the seed to take physical form and be judged by the Just God and the heroes of the Realms. Taking the form of the Bedlam Gemini, the seed was eventually defeated, but at significant cost.
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