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Chimeron: An tall, unkempt man wearing Chimeron Militia heraldry has been found wandering through the woods near the capital. People who have tried to talk to him report the man responded with aggression but did not give chase.

West of Wendmor: Outlying communities have reported that children have been going missing at dusk near some heavily wooded areas. People near the woods have said that there is a strange song that can be heard that seems to disappear with as the sun starts to rise. A rescue party searching for the missing children was found the next morning in a river. The men seem to have died from drowning.

Folkestone Border, near Achoria: On the border of Folkestone, people reported a freak, very strong wind coming from the west. While the wind did not damage any property, there was great fear of such from the strength and ferocity. A single hunter claims to have seen a man in black armor with a fearsome looking spear fall out of the sky on the heels of the wind. This is chalked up to fantasy, however.

Mt. Mouse Kohl: A small settlement is planned to take advantage of the new resources and land of Mt. Mouse Kohl . The settlers, hailing from many parts of the Realms, intend to start mining, hunting and logging operations in the spring. As the settlement is going to be within the borders of the now extinct Northern Wilds, the settlers consider themselves to be starting their own nation, tentatively called North Freedom.

Realms-wide (but only in places that accept rumors): Commoners from all over the Realms are falling ill to a strange malady, now known as "Fade". The symptoms don't appear to be lethal but are causing distress among those who are not affected directly, but are close to the ill. Fade victims seem to be listless, distant and sedate. They don't appear to be depressed, but suffer from many of the same symptoms: lack of interest in things they used to love, periods of lethargy or emptiness where they just stare blankly into the distance, pronounced sleep times, forgetfulness, clumsiness and similar traits. No magic has worked to reverse the Fade.
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