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Rumor from Aerenor: A corpse was found on the outskirts of a prominent fishing village, bloated from the sea. The corpse was badly ravaged by the ocean, but is believed to be of an unknown female. The victim was drained of all blood. All attempts to restore the victim have failed. Seers attempting to learn anything about the crime were soon overwhelmed with horrific visions of anarchy and bloodshed, hatred, hunger and betrayal. The most frequent vision was of a burning blue A on a black field.
Rumor from Ivory: Many people have been moving into the lands between Charlesford and Ivory. Most are pilgrims from surrounding lands who are dedicated to Aurora, Vandor, Justari or are spiritualists of some kind. Upon arrival in the lands of Ivory, most collapse weeping, as if a great weight has been lifted from them, but they can't seem to explain why they feel that way.

Rumor from the unclaimed lands, east of Chimeron/Paradise: Several commoners report the attacks by shadow-beasts have increased. Anyone traveling the roads might be stopped by them, and attacked if the Shadow-Beasts detect something they don't like. It is unknown what that something is, however, as the attacks are growing more frequent. A few claim the beasts have also attacked homesteads.

Rumor from Portsmouth , Folkestone: The commoners report an increase in traffic, likely due to the coming feast of Folkestone, but also due to the planned expedition into the Northern Wilds. Treasure seekers, mercenaries, hunters, and many other kinds of commoner, merchant or brigand seem intent on taking the opportunity to locate the riches of that unknown land, and either take the prizes for themselves, or gain favor with the ShadowKing.
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