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Ivory: The refugees from other places that came with intent to settle have been stricken with the mysterious illness termed "The Fade". These unfortunate people do not seem to be contagious, but seem incapable of working toward the better tomorrow they were hoping for. Many have became vagrants in the city of Ivory . Three have been found dead of starvation, as if they didn't bother to eat.

Darkwillow Keep: The refugees from other places that came with the intent to start a settlement near the Keep have also been stricken, nearly completely, by The Fade. Lacking will to continue working on their new homes, many have wandered off to parts unknown.

Aerenor: Cases of The Fade have been noted in many places throughout Aerenor. Skilled healers have been unable to come up with any cure of the malady. It is as if all the energy, or zest for life, was simply drained away from these people. All of the registered cases have been to people known to be deeply spiritual in some fashion. Most people that have been stricken simply stop doing anything extraneous; they will do only what is necessary to survive, then spend the rest of their time doing very little: staring into fires, staring at blank walls, or similar activities. The people so struck tend to lose interest in conversation beyond what is strictly necessary.

New Freedom: The foundling nation has established a small hamlet, named New Promise. An inn, called The Mountain's Bounty has opened at the heart of the hamlet. Merchants are welcome to use some of the Inn's ample space to hawk their wares for a small fee, otherwise, the hamlet doesn't have a marketplace as of yet, though they hope to open one in the spring. Residents of New Promise have claimed they have seen some strange lights from Mt. Mouse Khol. Additionally, some strangers, not associated with New Freedom have been seen moving past New Promise, into the mountains. A small party of hunters (a man and his teen aged son), have gone missing. Residents of New Freedom further boast that no-one in their community has come down with The Fade, so people fearful of the disease are welcome to bolster the new county's numbers by coming to settle.
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