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Name: Angharradh, the Triune Goddess
Domain: Fertility, Warfare, Wisdom
Symbols: three interlocking circles encased in a triangle
Avatars: none
Plot marshals: Andrew Disbrow
Area of Influence: Creathorne
Angharradh is the face of the power who is both three seperate

Goddesses--Aerdrie Faenya, Hanali Celanil, and Sehanine Moonbow who are collectively known as the Three--as well as a single goddess--the One--who subsumes their seperate aspects. The Triune Goddess presents many different faces, depending upon circumstances. In spring and during harvest time she is a fertility goddess. She watches over the planting of crops, blesses births, and keeps the land green and growing. In wartime she is a grim warrior deity who weilds a red sword and mercilessly slays the enemies of the elves. When wisdom is required, the One and the Three is a source of guidance and council. Among the Elves, Angharradh is worshiped nearly exclusively by moon elves ad a handful of half-moon elves. The other elven subraces worship Angharradh's aspects as sepperate goddesses, but they rarely give homage to the Union of the Three. Whether Angharradh is truely a combination of the three goddesses or a seperate deity in her own right actually lies in the hearts of her individual worshipers.

According to silver elven mythology, Angharradh was born from the essence of the three Greatest goddesses of the Seldarine before the first of the Elves walked the forests of the mortals. The Triune Goddess arose in the aftermath of a great battle between the Seldarine and the anti-Seldarine, a host of evil powers who had invaded Arvandor at the bequest of Araushnee (now Lolth), Corellon's traitorous consort. When an arrow launched by Eilistraee at an onrushing orcish god was subtly warped by the magic of the treacherous Araushnee and felled the Protector instead, Aerdrie struck down the Dark Maiden in revenge. The Seldarine assumed the unconcious daughter of Araushnee and Corellon was to blame for her father's collapse. Sehanine's timely escape from Vhaeraun's prison allowed the Goddess of Moonlight to expose Araushnee's crimes and the Masked Lord's complicity, but the Weaver of Destiny defiantly rejected the collective authority of the assembled Seldarine to convene a council to investigate her actions. In response, Aerdrie, Hanali, and Sehanine drew together and merged into a luminous cloud before coalescing in the form of the Triune Goddess. Angharradh then restored Corellon to health, taking her place by the protector's side and declaring her intention to prevent treachery from ever enterng the heart of a goddess of Arvandor again. As the consort of Corellon and co-ruler of the Seldarine, Angharradh is on excellent terms with the other members of the elven pantheon. The Triune Goddess reserves her strongest hatred for Lolth, as the Spider Queen has never ceased her efforts to undemine Corellon or to destroy his progeny, the Elves.

As the One and the Three, Angharradh is both three distinct goddesses and a goddess in her own right. While some Teu-Tel'Quessir assume that the aspect of Sehanine is Angharradh's primary facet--a point of confusion due in part to the belief by other subraces of the Elves that Sehanine, not Aerdrie or Hanali, is Corellon's consort--in truth all three goddesses are equal and each reflects the duality that is their individual nature and that of the Triune Goddess. As such, Angharradh's nature reflects the personality traits of each of the Three, including the impulsive and whimsical nature of the Winged Mother, the romantic and affectionate nature of the Heart of Gold, and the serene and ephemeral nature of the Daughter of the Night Skies. The fusion of the Three was born of Araushnee's betrayal and the collective threat to Arvandor and the Seldarine. As such, the Triune Goddess exhibits the fierce protectivenesss and unbending resolve of the Queen of Arvandor.

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