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Deep Sashelas

Name: Deep Sashelas, God of the Sea and Sea Elves
Domain: Ocean
Symbols: a blue dolphin
Avatars: unknown
Plot marshals: Andrew Disbrow
Area of Influence: Creathorne, Creathorne navel reserve
Deep Sashelas (DEEP SA-sheh-lahs) is the Lord of the Undersea and the patron of sea elves, whom he created long ago by modifying Corellon's land bound creations. Sashelas is a powerfully creative deity who is forever changing the environments below the sea, creating islands and reefs by altering the continental rifts, tinkering with undersea volcanoes, and the like. He is said to create the deep undersea caverns that the sea elves can use for air breathing when they wish. Sashelas is also known as the Knowledgeable One, for he provides advice as to where food can be found or the enemies are hidden. The sea elves also claim that Deep Sashelas is the author of the Chambeeleon, a resplendent spell tome held in the royal vaults of Thunderfoam an age ago but since lost. Followers of other aquatic gods make similar claims.

Deep Sashelas is a member of the Seldarine and remains on good terms with the other elven deities, but he directs most of his efforts towards maintaining an alliance of non human sea powers known as the asathalfinare. While he does not explicitly lead the group, the Lord of the Undersea occupies a pivotal role and mediates many potential conflicts and disagreements.

The Lord of the Undersea is a charismatic leader and an inspired creator whose art is ever changing. Unlike the other Seldarine, Deep Sashelas is rarely satisfied with what's done and always seeks to improve it. Deep Sashelas can be fickle and flighty, and there are many myths that involve his amorous exploits with such creatures as mermaids, selkies, mortal sea elven maids, human females, and even one demigoddess, it is rumored. Trisina has some tolerance for such straying, but not too much. Sashelas's fellow Seldarine derive great amusement from Trisina's ability to spot Sashelas's wandering attentions and stymie him, usually by warning off the object of his desire.

Mortal sailors sacrifice to him for their safely in the sea. The aquatic elves who worship Sashelas often conduct great hunts against the enemy of the dolphins, the sharks. His worshipers conduct their rituals and sacrifice during high and or low tides. Sashelas's symbol is a blue dolphin. (Not much is know by land fairing elves about this god)

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