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Labelas Enoreth

Name: Labelas Enoreth, God of Longevity
Domain: Longevity, Time, Histroy
Symbols: a book
Avatars: none
Plot marshals: Andrew Disbrow
Area of Influence: Creathorne
The Lifegiver, Lord of the Continuum, the One-eyed God, the Philosopher, the Sage at Sunset Time, longevity, the moment of choice, history Labelas Enoreth is the elven god of longevity and time. At the creation of the Elves, Labelas blessed the elves with long lifespans and decreed that their appearances would not be marked by the passage of time.

The Lifegiver cooperates with Sehanine in overseeing the lifespan of elves and their growth away from and beyond mortal realms. He measures the lives of the Elves and decrees when they should be ended, allowing passage to Arvandor. As Lord of the Continuum, Labelas governs the orderly passage of time and guards against those who would alter the path of history. Labelas confers wisdom and teachings on young and old alike, and although he is rarely invoked, the Lifegiver is often praised. The Lifegiver knows the fortune and past of every elf. Labelas is worshiped by sages, historians, philosophers, librarians, and all those who measure the changes wrought by the passing of years.

Labelas gets on well with the rest of the Seldarine, although his relationship with Erevan Ilesere is sorely tested by the other's antics on occasion, but the Lifegiver makes allies of few other powers. The Lifegiver strongly opposes the powers of entropy and undeath.

Labelas is also a philosopher-god, a patient teacher and instructor. His demeanor is clam and meditative, and he is not given to sudden action or hasty speech. According to legend, he traded an eye for the ability to peer through time. Labelas concerns himself with transgressional changes and the growth of learning and wisdom among elves, and thus rarely involves himself directly in the lives of individuals.

Like Corellon Larethian, Labelas Enoreth various appears as male or female (and sometimes both or neither). Regardless of gender, Labelas always has silvery hair and one of his eyes is misty grey. This deity wears pal e-colored robes of green, blue, white, and gray. Labelas Enoreth is acknowledged to be the master of time and aging by the elves. Labelas is immune to the effects of any spell or power that involves time or would inhibit his Elves who worship this being may appeal to him to undo the e ffects of age, but this is rarely granted, and only to those who have done an outstanding quest in his name. Such quests usually involve the recovery of artifacts and relics that have been lost for hundreds or thousands of years. Followers of Labelas are usually historians or other types who collect information on the past history of elvenkind.

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