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Solonor Thelandira

Name: Solonor Thelandira, God of the Hunt
Domain: Hunting, Archery
Symbols: a bow
Avatars: none
Plot marshals: Andrew Disbrow
Area of Influence: Creathorne
Solonor Thelandira is the elven god of hunting, archery, and survival in wild and harsh places. The Great Archer's prowess with the bow is unmatched by any other power venerated in the Realms. Solonor is concerned with the integrity of nature and the balance between exploitation and agriculture on one hand and fallow, wild terrains on the other. Like Corellon Larethian and Fenmarel Mestarine, the Great Archer watches over the boundaries of elven lands. He instructs the Elves in the art of hiding in and moving through natural foliage so as to not be detected as well as the art of archery and hunting. Solonor is primarily revered by elven and half-elven rangers, hunters, woodsmen, and fighters. In particular, elven hunters appeal to him for better catches of game and elven warriors trapped in hostile territory call on him for aid. In recent centuries a few humans, primarily hunters, have joined his faith as well.

Solonor is allied with all the powers who collectively compose the Seldarine. In particular, the Great Archer works closely with Corellon Larethian, Fenmarel Mestarine, and Shevarash to defend the borders of elven homelands. In many tales, Fenmarel is said to be the brother of Solonor, and despite the former's estrangement from the Seldarine for which Solonor holds Lolth responsible, the Lone Wolf and the Great Archer are still close allies. Solonor has served as Shevarash's mentor since the green elf's apotheosis, and the two are united in their hatred of the Spider Queen and her followers, the Drow, although the Great Archer is not as consumed with vengeance as the Night Hunter. Solonor and Rillifane Rallathil work closely to preserve and protect the natural world. Although the Great Archer is more tolerant of the slow growth of civilization than the Leaflord, a philosophical difference that sometimes spills over into the relations between their two faiths, they are united in their efforts to preserve the great forests of the Elves from the relentless expansion of humankind. Solonor and Eilistraee are true kindred spirits, with some myths depicting them as half-siblings and other myths suggesting a burgeoning romantic relationship (much to the dismay of both Shevarash and Fenmarel).

Solonor is always in pursuit of quarry, and he rarely remains in one location for very long. Unlike many hunters, the Great Archer stalks prey only out of concern for the overall balance between species and to destroy evil-doers, particularly the Drow. His serious, sometimes grim, demeanor reflects the difficulty he faces in forging a workable compromise between the competing forces of civilization and wilderness, instinct and knowledge, and savagery and domesticity. Solonor's word is his bond, and his pledge is never given lightly. Solonor does not close to do battle with an enemy, but tracks and pursues instead, firing arrows from a never-empty quiver. The favorite tactic of this deity, should he anticipate battling a particularly dangerous foe, is to physically touch that being and then retreat. Once by himself again, he can then manufacture a special arrow of slaying designed especially to kill that one opponent, should it strike home. He then hunts his quarry relentlessly, hoping to bring him down in a single shot. This type of arrow can kill any intended of up to (but not including) demigod status. Many demons, devils, and other monsters of the lower planes have felt the bite of these missiles; not even their magic resistance can protect them from certain death. It takes one day to make one of these arrows.

Clad in a great cloak of living leaves, Solonor strides through the forests in search of game and to seek out and destroy evil. His only weapon is a enchanted bow that can sight as far as the horizon. He cannot be surprised by any being within forty-eight feet of him, due to the keenness of his senses. He taught the first elves the art of hiding in and moving through natural foliage as to not be detected.

Elven hunters and fighters frequently worship Solonor Thelandira, and appeal to him for better catches of game. Worshippers who distinguish themselves in some very extraordinary fashion have a small chance of being give n an arrow of slaying of the normal sort, designed to slay the type of creature that is the elf's greatest enemy at that particular time. This gift can be received only once in an elf's lifetime.

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