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Rillifane Rallathil

Name: Rillifane Rallathil, God of the Woodland and the Wood Elves
Domain: Nature
Symbols: an oak tree
Avatars: none
Plot marshals: Andrew Disbrow
Area of Influence: Creathorne
Rillifane Rallathil is protector of the woodlands and guardian of the harmony of nature. He is often likened by his priests to a giant ethereal oak tree, so huge that its roots mingle with the roots of every other plant in the Realms, that stands at the heart of Arvandor, the High Forest of Olympus. The great tree draws into itself all the ebb and flow of seasons and lives within the woodlands of the green elves. At the same time, it defends and sustains those lands against disease, predation, and assaults of all kinds. The Leaflord is the patron of the Sy-Tel'Quessir and revered by many voadkyn.

When the Sy-Tel'Quessir settled the Yuirwood, the Seldarine merged with the ancient gods of the Yuir, transforming them into aspects of the various powers of the elven pantheon. Both Magnar the Bear and Relkath of the Infinite Branches, also known as the Many-Limbed, Many-Branched, and the Old Man of the Yuirwood, became aspects of the Leaflord. Relkath easily merged with and slowly reinvigorated a primitive facet of the Leaflord's nature that had been slowly overshadowed over the ages by the increasingly tamed way of life of the Elves, even among the Sy-Tel'Quessir. As a result of this subtle change of heart, in the centuries since absorbing Relkath, Rillifane's primordial spirit has returned to the fore to great effect. Concurrently, the Sy-Tel'Quessir and Cha-Tel'Quessir (half-elves of the Yuirwood) have rediscovered the ways of their most primitive ancestors and reforged their tribal cultures, eschewing the formation of successors to the great green elven civilizations such as Illefarn, Thearnytaar, Eillir, and Syurpiir.

In contrast to the obvious impact of the absorption of Relkath by the Leaflord, Magnar the Bear was almost totally subsumed after being absorbed, and this aspect of Rillifane is little remembered even among Cha-Tel'Quessir. The half-elves of the Yuirwood speak only of Magnar's Great Sleep, a centuries long hibernation from which the Bear has yet to emerge.

Much like Ubtao, Ulutia, and Uthgar, Rillifane is served by a host of great spirits including the primeval Bear (co-mingled with Magnar the Bear by the Cha-Tel'Quessir), Eagle, Raven, and Wolf, among others. These aspects of the Leaflord are recognized only by the Sy-Tel'Quessir and a few Cha-Tel'Quessir and not by the other elven or half-elven sub races. Unlike those other powers' worshipers, however, Rillifane's followers do not venerate any one great spirit exclusively, although they may have done so in the distant past. Instead, the Leaflord's faithful call upon one or more spirits associated with their god as appropriate for the situation at hand.

The Leaflord's primary concern is that all creatures have the opportunity to act out their roles in nature without abusing them, a concern Rilifane shares with Corellon Larethian, the great creator and protector of the Elves. Solonor Thelandira and Rillifane work together closely to preserve and protect the natural world, but they do differ fundamentally on the issue of hunting. In the spirit of the alliance that binds the Great Archer and the Leaflord, Solonor does not permit his priests and followers to hunt within the woods where Rillifane's brooding, forbidding presence cautions against this, unless their need is great. While Rillifane permits hunting for food by hungry folk, he detests hunting for sport. Rillifane is quiet, reflective, and enduring over eons unchanged. He is the least flighty of all the Seldarine, the least likely to act on a whim, and often grave and self-absorbed.

Rillifane has often been seen as a green-skinned Elven male clad in bark armor and carding a magic bow. Arrows hot from his bow never miss where they are aimed at. Rillifane is often linked to his worshipers by a Giant eternal oak tree so huge that it's roots mingle with the roots of every other plant in the world. Rillifane is primarily concerned that all creatures have the opportunity to act out their roles in nature with out abusing them. Rillifane's worshipers are deadly enemies of those who hunt for sport an to those who harm trees maliciously or unnecessarily
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