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Corellion Larethian

Name: Corellion Larethian, God of All Elves
Domain: War, Art, Music, Elvenkind
Symbols: a silver lunar pendant, a blue cresent moon
Avatars: none
Plot marshals: Andrew Disbrow
Area of Influence: Creathorne
Corellon Larethian is the leader of the elven pantheon, also known as the Seldarine. Elven lore states that the Tel'Quessir, the People, sprang from drops of blood Corellon shed in epic battles with Gruumsh, mingled with Sehanine's tears. The Creator of Elvenkind embodies the highest ideals of elvenkind, and he is the patron of most aesthetic endavors, including art, magic, music, poetry and warfare.

The Elven Father is a powerfull warrior whose hands protect his creations with the gentleness of a sculptor and the unspeakable power of a master swordswinger. While other elven deities may reflect the joy, delights, and accomplishments of the Tel'Qussir, Corellon stands as an ever-vigilant watcher over them. Corellon manifests as an azure nimbus that envelops a living creature, weapon, or natural geological formation in an aura of flickering sky blue flame.

The Elven Father is venerated by all Tel'Quessir who have not turned to dark powers, even those who do not specifically worship him, for the Elves were born of his blood, and they do not forget their debt to the Creator.

The Tel'Quessir are both wardens and sculptors of magic's endless mysteries. Through Art and Craft, bring forth the beuty that envelops and let the spirit gambol unfettered. The song of joy and the dance of freedom shall ever soar on the wings of those who dare to take flight. Guard against slow death of stultifying sameness by seeking out new experiences and new ways. Ward against those who seek only to destroy in their inability to create and commune with the natural and mystical world. Be ever vigilant in force of arms and might of magic against any return of the banished darkness, and also be strong in heart against the corruption from within which allowed the Spider Queen to foment the chaos and evil of the Crown Wars.

Curiously, the clergy of Corellon's church is somewhat removed from elven society, and the priesthood involved very little in the governance of elven realms. While the Protectors followers are held in high esteem for their unflagging contribution to the defense of elven realms, in general their place in elven society reflects the guardian and creative aspects of Corellon's nature far more than his position as Coronal of Arvandor and Ruler of All Elves.

Priests of the Protector are know as Faernsuora, and they wear the ceremonial vestments of Corellon in most normal situations, although it is not required - azure robes made of gossamer and embroided with silver quarter moons. A silver circlet wngraved with the Protector's symbol is worn on the brow. The holy symbol of the faith is a silver or mithral lunate pendant worn on a slender chain hung from the neck.

Amongst foes Corellon Larethian count foremost Gruumsh and all orc and goblinkin pantheons. Lolth and the rest of drow pantheon (except Eilistraee) are also considered great foes.

Corellion Larethian represents the highest ideals of elven kind. "HE" is skilled in the arts and crafts, and is a patron of music poetry and magic. Corellion is alternately male or female, both and neither. He is also mighty in battle, and is said to have personally banished such demons as Loth from the sunlit Upper world. Elven lore states that the race of elves sprang forth from drops of Corellion's own blood shed in the epic battle against the demon Queen Loth.

Corellion uses a magic bow; arrows that are fired from it never miss their selected target. He also has a magic sword made from a star it is rumored that the sword will tell Corellion what opponent he faces is most dangerous.

Corellion's sword will kill any creature mortal or immortal save Corellion who attempts to pick it up. Corellion's worshipers always have a symbol of a blue crescent moon. Most elves build no formal shrines to Corellion but rather use natural geological formations or amphitheaters for places of worship.

After the gods war Corellion walked the world of the "Mortal Elves" Hoping to gain knowledge and experience our lives so that he could give us aide that which a true god should. During his journeys, he came across a elf woman of such beauty and generosity of spirit that he was struck with love. Elana returned that love. Two years later, a child was born: Eliara Larethian. Corellion's daughter was the most perfect elf ever born. Men (humans) and elf alike hoped to win her favor.

Eliara could not oblige them all with her love- nor could she choose who was worthy of her. For a time she spurned them all devoting her life to the bow; as the daughter of Corellion , her skill was un-canny. The men and elves fought between them who could carry her golden quiver, and a war threatened to break out between the races. Corellion and Elana turned to their daughter, and she agreed that such squabbling must stop. Eliara held a contest to judge her suitors skills. A hunt there would be to see who could match her ability with a bow: the winner should have her as his bride.

During the hunt a great Red Dragon was drawn to the noise and bustle of the hunting party seeing the men and elves, it opened it's great maw and spit fourth a enormous gout of fire slaying half the party of hunters. Elira drew her bow an d let loose an arrow. The shaft entered the eye of the great wyrm, killing it in a single shot. The dragon's body crashed to the earth, uprooting trees as it did. The massive limb of a falling oak caught Eliara in the chest and she was crushed beneath its deadly weight. There was a great burial however no elf knows for sure what ever became of Eliara's spirit. It has been rumored that some Elven hunters in great need of assistance. Have been aided by a Female elf of great beauty, with a quiver of gold. She will fire a single arrow and kill their adversary. Then she disappears with out a trace as does the fired arrow.
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