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Northern Rumors:
Reports are filtering in quickly. Over the past 24
hours there have been several attacks throughout the
unprotected region near the Red Wood, south of
Folkestone. Two farmsteads have been struck, their
foodstores ransacked. A trade caravan headed from
Folkestone Hall to points southwest has also been
attacked, two women survived the ordeal, but the
merchants leading the wagons along with all their
hired guards were slain.

The only description of the attackers came from the
two women. There were about a half-dozen men wearing
heavy armor, long black swords and black tabards
emblazened with a crimson crescent moon. The attackers
allowed the women to leave as they went about looting
the caravan. There were times, the women say that the
group seemed unnatural in their brutality and

Northern commonfolk are spreading this rumor quickly
across the countryside and it has started to drft
further south.
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