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Blakavar: Posters have gone up around the once-great nation of a Faire to
be held near a small town above its borders. It's just what the peasants
of this area have looked for to find relief against the combined heat,
the sudden and dangerous storms and sometimes chilling and frozen nights.
Revelers have gone about the towns with odd gifts and trinkets, welcoming
them to the Faire. It is not yet the Harvest Season, but a Mid-Summer
faire would not be unwelcome. Perhaps the cool of the massive black
canvass tents that can be seen from the main road will offer the shade
needed to momentarily ease the suffering of the people who come.....
Here and there all across the realms, there is a very vague rumor about some kind of traveling circus being formed in the north. It is rumored that some scattered peasants and bards have made their way north in search of employment and opportunity. The exact location of said circus is at this time unknown and many doubt the existence of one at all, disregarding it as just another false rumor.
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