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((sorry guys for all these.. would have liked to send them out in smaller doses.. but other pressing maters IRL have kept me preoccupied, any questions.. feel free to drop me a note. Thanks! - Anne))

In these cold winter months, rumors of more distant places might take longer to circulate but here are several of the ones from the Centaurlands and a few closer to home:

War parties of 5-7 centaurs each have been on the move, coming southwards, hacking, slashing and burning any human dwellings and villages they happen upon. They are well-armed and seem driven, no matter the weather to keep up the pace. All humans unfortunate enough not to escape, are strung up on trees, by their legs. No one is spared, women and children are butchered and strung up as well. It is said that they are heading in the direction of those nations that make up Realms nothern borders: Creathorne, Folkstone, and Draconia and at the pace they are going it shouldn't take long for then to get there.

With all the reports of unusual dragon activities, there is one that reaches the realms with sources from the Silver Strand Mountain range north of the C-lands pertaining to Rhothrook, the dragon king considering an alliance with an unknown source of power. Some say that it is another powerful dragon but others say that it is an evil pact with a shadow.

A more bizaare rumor speaks of rifts in reality surfacing at random there and also a few more remote places here in the realms. One traveler who was said to have encountered them swears that, "one moment I was on the road heading for home, and the next I was in a tropical paradise crawling with netherforns and the likes. I would have stayed there if it wasn't for them, they wanted to eat my soul..." Centar bound reports are also saying that this might be linked to the unusual seasonal weather patterns they have been having but no one is for certain.

Since Mikhail the Archer was discovered to be a copy sent as a spy, there have been questions about what has become of the real one. Some reports state (which correspond with the ones in the Centaur Crier, a publication delivered nearly monthly in the View) he was executed for teason and other crimes. Yet others insist he is still alive and awaitng to be taken to 'somewhere else.'

All werewolves of centuarland origins are reported to be going mad. They seem to have lost all sense of reason, biting and attacking themselves, fellow packmates and anyone else who happens to wander too near. The madness has been growig worse of the past several months and now there are very few who can keep thier thoughts lucid for any length of time. No one has tried to get close enough to see what is ailing them out of fear for thier lives. Some of these werewolves have been seen chasing a little shadowy figure near Ivory.

A little girl has been seen wandering from town to town in and around Griffindor, followed by a shadowy figure. She is carrying a glass goldfish bowl with a wooden lid tightly tethered to it. There appears to be something gold and shimmery inside it that she calls "my lil goldfish" but if you get too close to inspect what she really has in the fish bowl the shadowy figure gets defensive. Another point that makes this very unusual is how she is dressed, a light cotton dress and no shoes; the cold and snow doesn't seem to bother her one bit.

With the problems in the C-lands all magic items released are beginning to wane, the blessings and charms placed upon them are beginning to lose their hold. Such items include, The Death Wish Cookie, The Headdress of Fem., and The Lantern of Lost Souls. ((Please contact EH for details))
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