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Originating in the farflung settlements south of the Bordermarches of
the Borderlands and east of Fort Bramble:

Stories of a series of bizarre flashfires have been gathering for over a
week now. The few direct witness say that fires burn very bright and
seem to skate along the ground, the treetops, right over rivers and
streams or even buildings. They never linger more than a few seconds.
Supposedly they sound like thunder. At least one of these flashfires
seared its way through a tiny hamlet in the midst of a downpour that had
been going on for over an hour.

None of these fires have injured anyone, though many people reported
fleeing their homes and entire settlements in terror only to learn that
the thatch on their rooftops was scarcely singed. More than a few of
the accounts of these phenomena declare that the conflagration travels
in one giant inferno and seems to pause at times almost as if deciding
where to go next.

One story, told by a drunken man left for dead when the rest of the
villagers fled depicts the fire as some sort of elemental beast with
with fiery claws and smoking eyes.

So far these firestorms have moved entirely too quickly to be tracked,
and with no trail of burned wreckage it's impossible to track them back
to their origins.
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