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Eagle's Rook and Blackavar: The news from merchants and peasantry is "holy blue
fire" rained down from the skies. If pressed for a date, its generally happened about a week ago on the road from Eagle's Rook to Blackavar's borders. Some people are praying a bit more.

The road between Charlesford and Bear's Keep: A woman in scarlet is carrying a
most interesting kind of cargo bound for Ivory. A few thieves in the area are already reporting at taverns that attempts to loot said wagon of the merchandise have met with an awful retaliation, as if a wild animal had fallen upon them.

General Realms: Red lights in the sky in various points -- to the west (or east
if you're in Ivory); and out to sea in the east. They almost look like storms
if anyone is close by. Anyone passing through claims the atmosphere feels
'electric' or 'very stifling'. Some report odd smells of a sickly-sweet nature.

General Realms: The word is out that someone may be recruiting burglars for a
major heist happening soon.
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