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From Traders in Northwest from Southwest: Trade has slowly started to resume on
the road between the Western Borderlands and Starhaven.

L'Havre Foret: Students who have graduated are now waking up or have been sent
to go 'adventure' elsewhere, using their skills to help or hinder the Realms as
they have been taught by their respective schools. A hero wandered into the
forest wearing a rook recently and fought with a summoned demon, and the
remaining inhabitants have been awake ever since.

Eagle's Rook borders, just south of Blackavar: A tree burst into flames,
apparently hit by lightning. It didn't catch the surrounding trees on fire nor
burn very long, but when scouts investigated they found a burnt corpse, about
the size of a small child.

North-Eastern territories: At the river crossing that lines Tuath Fusach,
Folkestone and Draconia, fishermen begin to tell of a floating tree whenever
the fog rolls in this past month. Attempts to actually get close to the tree
via the boats have proved fruitless for them.

Along the road to Fairhaven: A woman dressed in faded scarlet was found beaten
to death, stripped of possessions. No family or relatives in the surrounding
area has come forth to claim her.
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