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'Ego-Maniac' Round of Missives

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 3/19/1003
Responses: yes, included
Feeling a tad bit paranoid, are we? Weren't you supposed to come get me and try to kill me or something? So when is this demonstration of your powers supposed to happen? I'm still here and growing rather bored I might add. Such a shame, I really thought you might have been worth the effort. I must have been wrong.

Lloth's Dalharil

One spoiled egomaniac bitching about how another spoiled egomaniac isn't givin' her any lovin'. How sad.


Usstan inbal jal'yur della dos vel'klar Usstan shlu'ta tlu muth muth. Usstan inbal elggat l'Velkyn Quarth. Usstan inbal thir'ku l'wlalths. Ussta velxunai ph'wund jal dazzanen. Lu'dos inbal xunor naubol lu'zhaun lotha. Usstan shlu'ta naut kyorl dos xor dosst dalninuk. Nau selg'tarn. Dos zhal'la screa ulu kyorl. Ka dos talinth Usstan orn mumbaro p'los l'ditronw draeval, dos ph'jaed. Lu'draeval zhah ussta abban.


To vERos - How interestingly ironic coming from someone like you. -Wrake
Well, my Drowish isn't perfect, but here we go for those who don't speak it at all. Anyone who can fill in the missing words would be greatly appreciated.

I have already told you where I can be found. I have destroyed the Hidden Order. I have changed the spells. My spies ph'wund all dazzanen Lu'(you) have done nothing lu'zhaun little. I can not watch you or your brother. No matter. You should learn to watch. If you think I will move before the right time, you are (wrong?) And time is my ally.

Seriously, think about it... its true.

Wrake, do you seriously have a vampire general? That's
a riot! Where do they "dig" these guys up!? I deal
with vampires I should buy stake! Oh, I mean stock!

Oh man,
Don't ya think? Yeah, I have an ego. Damn, ya got me. Course there's a reson for that... what's you excuse? Why don't ya go back to your little corner and suck on another little girl's soul, ok? Course, you could always try gerbils, I'm sure they fight less. Thanks.

Elwick - What a witty retort. and such an original insult. These "vampires" are not your "I'm a weak, helpless mortal that got drained by a part demon." vampires, I assure you. But the description is accurate enough. Ask someone who knows about a Vol. Then you might get an idea.
Yes, please; arm your front line defenses with pieces of wood. They are so vulnerable to your conventional mortal elements. They could not possibly withstand a horde of mortals with little pointed sticks. -Wrake
Welcome to the realms, Wrake.

Here, everyone has access to non-conventional
weaponry. Please, don't play superior being with me.

For you, sweet Wrake, in response to your fantastic
use of the alphabet regarding my friends and family... (Jeyde says: The ABCs of Death)
a haiku:

Stupid void creatures
talk smack while I'm resting from
battling real villains

You'll find your autographed 8x10 version enclosed.

Elwick Dragonsburrow
Champion of Tymora
Heck....I still have a Void Blade from Tourneys of Cold moon one...hee hee void blade...uh...nevermind.

Sir Argus of the Big Yap
Solitare of Harliquin
Knight of the Storm

"To be true to yourself and your vision of the Realms and what they should be in conjunction with the beliefs of your brother and sister
or try this:

Sad Void Crybaby
Screams out loud for attention
Crickets chirp softly

PS: I've given out all my 8X10 glossies to the REAL threats.
And how is the Harvester these days? Sacrificed anyone to him lately? Of course not; you are an upstanding citizen now.

I thought since your people didn't seem to like the notion of returning my rightful property of 300 years that I would just bring my other posessions here. Hope you don't mind.

Possessions. Now that's funny.

Now Wrake, you silly little void monkey, you know that's hitting below the belt. Behave or we'll have to make you wear the stoopid hat. Good monkey. Just try to not to fling any more poo. ok?


PS: Of course I don't mind. But you're gonna have to find some place to store it until we can fix up the dungeon for ya. Gotta paint the walls, retile the floor. So much to do!
And now poets. I would remind you that "Talking smack" is what both of you and Sabrae have been doing. And failing at. But please, continue your meaningless chatter. Because "talking smack" is about putting others down to make yourself feel more important. If you think that is what I am doing, I encourage you to continue to think it. Think of me on your level, please. I am no threat. I am but a worm.

So have you tried to mate with her yet, Elwick? Seen what interesting pups she'll turn out? Does it bother you that I know her more intimately than you ever can in your entire existance? Just curious.

well yer possessions arent welcome here any more than you are voidworm... Why don't you AND your fucking vampires crawl back into the hole you all came from...

-You know who...
I wanted to thank you for all of your help in establishing my armies here in this plane, Gryffin. You have been a great source of information and power to draw from; truely inspiring. Thank you for your Netherform, your sword and your soul. You have been very generous aiding my plans.

OH, and you have to learn to tend to your women better. This one is a real screamer.

ALL of which I intend to reclaim in due time Wrake... you haven't got my soul yet bastard... And I won't go down without a fight...
When I kill you I'll be sure to USE crucible to do so...
the last thing you're going to see will be my smiling face... I swear it...

What the hell do you mean by THAT?!
So it was you then? I want her back... Now... Or you'll have more to deal with than pointy sticks Wrake... I will tear your beloved keep down around your ankles if I have to, I want her back...

NO. It is very clear to me that you and your verbally feeble comrades need an example. I will not kill her, or even scalp her. But I WILL do as I please with her, and so will any of my minions. And you will recieve her back, in time. Broken, but not dead.

You are ALL touchable, SEEN or UNSEEN. But I will move when I am ready , not when your childish wailings try and draw me out.

AH....see thats why you fellas need a good diplomat...sure you have strong swordarms...but being verbally feeble just steals all you thunder away.

never accused of being verbally feeble,

Sir Argus of the Big Yap
Solitare of Harliquin
Knight of the Storm
I'm finding this all uproariously funny. Wrake baby, you were the one who said I was next or something childish like that. I take it you don't like spiders much. Pity. They really are such loyal creatures, and capable of independent thought! So much unlike undead. Brainless, mindless creatures most of those. Worthless, really.

Veros, Elwick, while it's sweet of you to trade witty banter and snappy comebacks with Wrake, I do hope the both of you know what you're doing. It really is foolish of one to insult someone they know nothing about. Whats next Veros, insulting Ghal?

Dear Wrake... stop
I have received your elf-message stop...
I cannot decipher your childish script... stop
Please advise... stop
Elwick Dragonsburrow... stop
Pleading with me to stop will not help you or your damaged love.

But it seems you need a little lesson as well.

My apologies for the roughness of this translation. I am not a native speaker of the language--but I believe the message from the one known as Wrake may be translated thus:


I have already told you where I can be found. I have destroyed the Hidden Order. I have changed the spells. My spies are among all races. And you have done nothing, you know little. I can not watch you or your brother. No matter. You should learn to watch (me). If you to think I will move before the right time you are ignorant. And time is my ally.


In service to the Realms,
Elspeth Cora Cameron d'Verai
Princess of Verai
High Priestess of Asmodeus
Elder Priestess of Balance
Priestess of Reshep
Priestess of Eirene
Priestess of Freyr
Honorary Priestess of the Drow
Servant of Min
Sabrae -

I warned you not to send any more spies. So I destroyed them all, turned many to my bidding. But if you wish a show of force, I will comply. All my forces are loyal and many have independent thought; are you so sure about your own?

I'm positive about my forces. After all, they know whats at stake. Do yours?

Bad Guys,

Shut up.


Fuck off.

Wow.. This guy makes me look pleasant..

Hmmmm, Usstan inbal nau plithut whol jala zil verve zil nind sevir maglust ussta abbilen.

Wrake, Natha nadorhaun xor jivvilm nanxxizz jalil.

Dark Winds
Veros, Elwick, while it's sweet of you to trade witty banter and snappy
comebacks with Wrake, I do hope the both of you know what you're doing. It
really is foolish of one to insult someone they know nothing about. Whats
next Veros, insulting Ghal?


I'm touched. That almost sounded like concern. I didn't know you were capable of that. Is there something you feel you need to say? To warn us of?
And to answer your question, no I won't be insulting Ghal any time soon. Unless, of course, she deems it necessary to kidnap and torture my friends. Yanno, like you and your spider effing brother?

Olath Su'acon,

Dos lueth dosst lodias valm uns'aa xor dos orn el. L' Evven'to d' ussta lodias vrine'winith nin.

I duelled with your agent for Gryfinn's soul at
Tourneys of Chiron, and I kicked his ass. By the bond
of your representative, who spoke your word, Gryfinn's
soul belongs to me.
By your word, it is mine, and I do not give you
permission to play with it. Show your honor,
Voidlord, if you have it, and honor your word.

Sir Guilliam
Wrake, you represent void, and you want to destroy
everything. I'm not TRYING to get on your good side,
you poor lonely little creature. Keep raising your
army of zealots, we'll meet soon enough.

Elwick Dragonsburrow
Elwick Dragonsburrow

You keep inferring I am doing this for attention. This is about pain. But you are like the spider twins. Very well. We'll meet soon enough.

[Guilliam], You seem to think I care for this mortal concept of honor. A Pact, however, is a Pact. By all means, scalp him and take his soul; he is yours for the having.

I will in my time, but for now he is more convenient
to me alive, I was just making it clear that by your
own pact, you gave up any claim to his soul and to
scalping him. Oh, and I'll take the rest of his soul
also. The thing called Crucible that is bonded to
him. I did, after all, win his soul. and as you say,
a pact is a pact.

Sir Guilliam
You will take nothing. I have been preparing your gift, but if you want it prematurely, then I will have it sent to you. Let me know where and when. Oh, and thank you for defeating that creature; he had outlived his usefulness.


The only way in which Dragonsburrow and I (and you for that matter) are alike,
is that we have shared the same female, in one form or another.


PS: You know the place, I will await you there.
((Biting lip, very hard))
Ulu nindyn vel'uss inbal held udossa plyussq,

Dos inbal morfel turi'ko qua'laen nindel vel'bolen zhah naut dossta ulu morfeth turi'ko qua'laen. Dos inbal plynnet nindel vel'bolen zhahus naut dossta ulu plynn.

Dosst dron phuul izil bista izil l'dragonfly, dos orn'la inbal xunor alur ulu zexen'uma velkresa wun l'oloth. Nindel vel'bolen dos inbal sewn orn tlu reaped dal dosst siltrin natha l'hossen d'lil phrengen.

Dormagyn dosst turi'ke whol dalharen lueth dosst killianen whol weth tosdki.

Zha'linth reshka.
Nau mua uriu alus zho'aminth.


Dos ph' ndar p'wal dos joros natha jous del fashka. Lu' ji Usstan thrityh dosst che'el wun har'oloth. Zah'har dosst dalharen.

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    To those who wish to Write to Everyone in Drow,

    Stop IT! Its a damn Dirty Language Spoken by damn Dirty EVIL Elves. Why Do You
    people want to connect yourselves with such FILTH?? Please just stop it before
    I have to start burning every missive that comes in.

    Capt. BrightHammer Half-Dwarven

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