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The Black Zodiac

Author: unknown
Date: 1004
On Wrake and the Black Zodiac

At Feast of Victory, 4-24-1004, we were approached by a being known as Jennar, a creature from the umbral plane. He had been in the service of Wrake as an assassin whose sole goal is to seek and destroy the one he is hunting. At the time he had no target and was able to talk to us. The umbra has been seriously damaged and many of Jennar's kin (fomori, spiral dancers, other jennar...not sure if it's a name or a race) have been destroyed. Jennar has asked us to stop killing creatures of the umbra, but this will be difficult due to their aggressive nature.
The creature that looked like Bouquet who appeared at Victory was actually a nightmare, connected to Darkmoon. The only way to destroy nightmares is by "waking up", or by defeating Darkmoon. Also, there was a black cloud who possessed Gryfinn for a short time is a Dream Runner. Dream Runners also serve Darkmoon, but can't completely materialize in this plane. They are able to possess the dead if their souls aren't protected. They can only be killed with silver unless you look at them through a dream catcher. You can see their true forms through dreamcatchers and can kill them normally once you can see them.
As for the deal between Wrake and the Erl King, Wrake was surprised the Erl King made any offer at all. Currently there is no alliance. Wrake is content to exploit anyone who wants power in one way or another to achieve his goals. Jennar believes that not all of Wrake's servants are aware of this exploitation and we might use this knowledge to our advantage, perhaps to encourage some of them to turn on him.

Two of the Black Zodiac have not been chosen yet. Wrake needs two more gems before he can select his last two generals. Wrake can't force someone to become a general. They must either be willing, become the role, or resign themselves into the aspect of that role.
The Black Zodiac

1. The Jackal: "They are the first, made of steel, their face encased in metal, the warrior, the hunter. They represent Violence, Murder."
This is the dragon legion headed by Tzaar and are Wrake's air support. They are made of steel, one of the first. They kept their secrets close to the heart and not much is known about them. Tzaar has been transformed through eons and reborn into his current position.

2. The Juggernaut: "The Second Sign, Large and unstoppable, filled with the weapons of their enemies, continues to cleave and dismember. They are Destruction and Endurance."
This is the giant faction headed by Jurn. Wrake keeps him as a sort of trump card. He was a giant lord from an old war. He's 8-10 ft. tall and difficult to kill with weapons.

3.The Great Child and the Dire Mother: "The Third, A mother who fattened and bloated her own Son and then when she saw the evil she has created, killed them both, locking their fate. This is the story of the Cursed, the Evil of the last God War: they drew their power directly from this Evil. They represent Corruption of Society and Family."
This is the one known as Pandross and the Dire Mother is Lyossa, also Nightmare's mother. (I believe Nightmare has no part in this.) Pandross serves Wrake through a pact. He is from a race of creatures known as the Cursed. They transform into the leaders of countries and destroy the lands from the inside out. I have much information about Pandross. If interested, contact Kyomi separately.

4.The Hammer: "A person kept low and ridiculed in their mortal life, tired of the unfairness scalps the pious ad moral with hammer and spike. The embodiment of Vengeance."
Not yet chosen.

5. The Pilgremess: "Misunderstood and killed for acts they did not do, a Mage that wanders the planes seeking acceptance and never receiving it. They are Injustice incarnate."
This is Corliss. She's been "upgraded" and transformed into a bone mistress. Wrake has completely taken over her soul. Corliss was tricked because she did not understand her task. She did evil through innocence. Wrake keeps her by convincing her that she is family. Weaknesses: Skeleton ranks go up to a bone master, similar to death striders but more powerful. Death Striders have 2pts. armor, magic regens the armor, and they are invulnerable to head shots. It is suspected that a bone master would have this and more.

6. The Torn Prince:"Sentenced to Hell for a single mistake for which he must pay the price, he represents Despair. In his grief for the loss of his life and the mistakes he has made, there is little left of the humanity he had in him, only the coldness and darkness he has caused."
Morthak, head of the Wraiths. Wrake has brought him and 4 other creatures directly from the Void.

7. The First Born Son: "They Come in the Guise of a child, seeking the lost and unawares. But the Truth is this creature is an Incubus, feeding on the very life force of the innocent. They represent Deception."
This is Wrake himself. This is his connection to how he feeds on the rest of the Zodiac. They may not know they serve him this way. Some of them serve him implicitly, some for their own goals, and some through pacts and contracts.

8. The Torso: "Beaten and torn to little more than a construction, lying and lied to, betrayed and betrayer, corrupted and corruptor, it crawls through Hell, attacking the unawares, while pleading its innocence. It represents Hypocrisy."
At the mountain of power, Zenoth. He has a pact with the corruptors. His first time at Blood Falls was this past new moon.

9. The Angry Princess: "Her body slashed and scarred from self mutilation, she haunts the dreams of all the would take their own life. She is Suicide and Lost Love."
Darkmoon - She is the stuff of dreams and forgotten nightmares, like all the dreamrunners. Darkmoon was made from Shalindra's blood when Wrake took her and could be considered Shalindra's evil side. She wants to collect the 13 souls who were once shadowbeasts and sacrifice them to open the Hellgate. See earlier paragraphs for more on how to kill dreamrunners. Darkmoon currently has no physical body for this world. There is the possibility that she may try to capture Kyomi or Girthain's body, possibly so she can physically come into this world.

10. The Withered Lover: "Devoted entirely to the love and desire of their mate and never noticed or returned in kind, they withered away. They wander Hell, bound and gagged, silent, searching to be loved. They represent Blind Devotion."
Nidaro, the Demon. He was seen at Feast of Victory and was Wrake's representative who met with the Erl King's rep. It was the creature seen today, a level 7 Demon (fro mteh 7th level of Hell. He was ousted from Hell by greater demons. He serves Wrake because Wrake's goals will disrupt this world, Hell, and those who ousted him. He is truly devoted to his cause.

11. The Bound Woman: "The Eleventh Sign, cast immobile and imprisoned without sight or sound, driven insane by the slow internal pain of her own physical malady. She wanders Hell inflicting Pain and Insanity upon others through the touch of her rotting flesh and the sound of her voice. She is Madness."
Bouquet, or her body at least. The soul within is directly from the Void. She had been freed for a short time, but Wrake was able to find her again. There was another traveler before the bound woman known as Uunlauf. He takes and wears the skin of his victims. The traveler and bound woman are working together. The Traveler is in charge until the Bound Woman is ready. Because of how she's confined, any pain inflicted upon her gives her strength and will be directed back out. We can defeat her by making her "spend" all of her pain. Uunlauf is helping to control the Void, but is not a general. He is a foothold for Wrake.

12. The Merciless Child: "A beautiful woman, she drinks the blood and life of her victims in her insatiable sexual hunger. She represents Desire."
Diana from the Vampire Nation. She is Wrake's eyes and ears. She can shapshift and drinks a being's life essence rather than their blood. You kill them by staking (not the more complicated version) We will need her true name to defeat her.

13. The Lost Soul: "The Final Sign, the sacrifice, the innocent, they are the one to bind the other 12's powers. They represent Loss."
Wrake wants to strong (adventuring) souls to open a gate so that his father, Taenitek, may enter this plane. This sign has not yet been chosen.
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