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Iron Kingdom Missives

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 3/10/1003
Responses: no
:::message delivered by portal stone bearing blackmount's seal:::

Several divinations were spent yesterday involving Wrake. I just had a disturbing conversation with one who was involved in the ritual. At least two posession attempts were made by Wrake against involved spellcasters. Protect the Soul spells saved those two. I know there were more spellcasters involved in that project and doubt they were all under that spell. We need to know who could have been at risk, who was protected, and who may not have been. There could be a very dangerous situation on our hands if Wrake did get to even one of them. Anyone with information regarding the participants in yesterday's Wrake-centered divinations, who was involved, what was discovered, who had protect the soul and who didn't - respond to me with the enclosed portal-stone (to reduce the chance of an intercepted messenger) or come to Blackmount if you feel the matter is too dangerous to discuss on paper.
~Thon Lightbringer

(IC: to respond safely, place portal stone on sealed return message. touch portal stone. release. speak: "portalgate to Blackmount, Thon" OOC: send an e-mail to me indicating that you are "using" the portal stone. these Lesser Message Stones will lose their charge after 24 hours.)

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