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Pathetic Realms Missives (Nov)

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 11/19/1002 - 11/22/1002
Responses: yes, included
The Usurper hath come...

Not if I get there first.

I am seeing out any Necromancers that desire employment or new alliances... well paid in both coin and souls.

I seek any that wish for true power and personal glory.

I seek out all that hate the Hidden Order and the pain they have brought to your Realm. These usurpers of the Gods care not for you and even as we speak head a quest that will destroy your Realm. For you, I offer a much better solution to the matters at hand.

We have much to discuss. And I have many things to teach.


>Are you going to take them all away, never to return? I know many nations that have laws against Necromancy. I'm sure they would all be very pleased. However, I have a few friends who are Necromancers, and I don't want them disappearing.

Matsuma Lysis
I would simply ask any such necromancers consult me first... So you may hear the full story...

What you are neglecting to tell them is the most recent soul you have
in your possession: Twenaria's. Call me crazy, but I am sure no Necromancer,
no matter how devious in the Realms, wants to be paid with her soul and risk
losing all the 'true power and personal glory' because the Realms would come to
her aid.
Give back Twenaria to us first before you ask for anything, Son of
the Void. True, many may not trust the Hidden Order, but they are not asking
for souls or sacrifices of any types, and everyone has a free will. Except for
Twenaria, of course. I am certain you did not ask her if you could devour her
soul, did you?

- Bouque

To Wrake,

You soul sucking piece of shit, I will personally find a way to Destroy you. You should have never come to this Realm. Give us Back the Soul you have taken... You know of whom I speak.

To the Rest of the Realms,

This man is a Liar. He seeks to bring Death to us all. He only wishes harm on the Hidden Order because he knows they will help us defeat him. Any Necromancers that Ally with Wrake your lives are forfeit, because I will hunt you down, kill you, and burn your body so there is nothing left but pure ash. (Artex, I'm Sorry but this means you too)

Capt. BrightHammer Half-Dwarven
Squire of the Knights Of the Silver Chalice

Any information on this Wrake character that you can expose or get to the
people who need to know would be appreciated. He hints at his lineage....

Hey, and be careful. You're a good kid. :)


If some being has managed to fell members of the Order and there is anything within my power, magical or otherwise, that can be done to restore them without
harming either the rest of the Order or this Realm.... then it _will_ be done. I merely need to know what.

Ten fell... valiantly to save the soul of Twen ten of my brethren... including my sword brother himself... Were slaughtered by Wrake... Alyssa... the blade of living steel... was stolen, and they lie broken, some beyond repair... Nothing can be done, for no god would DARE assist them... the only hope lies in the spring... and for now... that is all I can say...

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