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Author: Geral
Date: 5/15/04

General Information:
Throughout time lesser beings such as orcs, goblins, trolls, etc. have called upon gods to grant them power. Some of Geral's information has come from when others have attempted to call on the Black Zodiac and things went badly. It is very difficult to contain such power within a mortal body and the host often, dies, explodes, goes berserk, or worse. Wrake has succeeded in permanently binding the Zodiac to the hosts through the use of the soul gems. With the gems, he is able to contain the Zodiac's power and keep the host alive indefinitely. Each Zodiac has a specific attack and defense. Below is what I found out on the specific Zodiacs.
Blood Hunters: These creatures are weapon specific.
Skeletons: skeletons have an order and rank, the highest being bone master and the next below is death strider. All skeletons are invulnerable to head shots and often need blunt weapons.

The Bound Woman:
Last time she came into this plane was during an orc/goblin war about 53 years ago. The bound woman has been driven insane as she is trapped within her own mind. She absorbs and uses any attack sent against her. If she expends all her energy she will become weak. At her weakest point you must arouse her spirit to free her own mind. She has the power to free herself, but must be convinced of it. There are multiple spirits within the Bound Woman. One of the spirits is pure Void, not the corrupted version that Wrake represents. If we can contact and appeal to this life force, we can help her overpower the forces of Hell and Wrake that are controlling her and help her to free herself from the other influences.

To defeat Nidaro, we are fighting against two forces. First, there is The Withered Lover, the Zodiac sign. To defeat the Void, we are fighting a spell to contain a force. He is rarely called upon as he is perceived to be weak, but is the second strongest zodiac next to the Juggernaut. Once he is disconnected from Wrake, Nidaro is still a 7th level demon.
He was ejected from Hell by stronger demons. He is from the level of hell that is home to incubus and succubus. However, they are only half demon and half human while Nidaro is pure demon. He was created as a prototype intended to unite incubus and succubus, but was a failed experiment and so was disposed of. Before he was ejected from Hell, he stole a book on how to permanently contain the Zodiac. He brought it to this plane and gave it to Wrake as part of a pact. Nidaro was made a Zodiac and will serve Wrake in that position. In return, once his service is complete, he will return to Hell with a contingent from Wrake, conquer, and rule the 7th level. In order to open a gate to Hell, he needs to blood of 13 children, and wants the 13 souls that were once shadowbeasts.
He is able to teleport away if a fight is going badly for him. He has 3 points of armor and is only affected by magic. Normally as an incubus he can assume human form, but not while he has the power of Wrake/Hell inside him. He is able to redirect any damage against him if it is the incorrect combination. (If hit in the chest, the attacker receives a chest hit.) Different weapon combinations are needed to defeat him. It seems to be a combination of 3 weapon types. You can find out what weapons to use by attacking his limbs. While determinng the correct type of weapons, be sure to let him reset his armor or you will hit him too much and he'll reset the combo. You must then find the right combination. If you kill him with the wrong combo, he disappears, then reappears and the combo resets. Once his forces are down, his power will change to demon. He can regenerate. Once he is dead he must be banished back to Hell. If he is returned to Hell before he is properly defeated, he will use his Zodiac power to conquer Hell and bring forth a demon army for Wrake's forces.

The Great Child and Dire mother sometimes manifest as two beings or just as one. I believe Lyossa is the dire mother. As a Cursed, Pandross is able to move from body to body at will. Normally this is a long and difficult process. It's believed that Pandross is the last of his kind and has survived for centuries at the least. Being that he is also now a Zodiac, his powers can only be enhanced to the point where he could very easily slip out of a dying body and possess someone else. So, killing the host is not going to stop him. In order to permanently defeat him, we must bind him into a body and make sure he dies with it. We will need multiple levels of containment to trap and bind him, think CoP's multiple DI's and a protect the soul on anyone nearby, maybe more. Once he is bound, he must then be killed and he should die with the host body. It wouldn't hurt to have a Banish around if needed.
It was believed that he died during our last trip to the centuarlands, but apparently he managed to find a host or was non-corporeal for some time. I believe he was appointed as a Zodiac sometime after last years visit to the centuarlands.

The Lost Soul:
If Wrake gets the 13th Zodiac, he may be unstoppable. This will be the final one he creates and needs a complete innocent or innocents as sacrifices. A complete innocent is not someone who has never done anything wrong, but rather someone who has been redeemed, cleansed, or otherwise purified. Avatars and the like would make fitting sacrifices. The sacrifices would serve to open a gate so that Wrake's father, Taenitek, would be able to enter this realm and take his place as the 13th Zodiac. If successful, Taenitek would serve to solidify the power of the other 12 signs. We must never let this happen.

The Torso:
This sign is rarely called upon. Those who attempt to summon it usually blow up. The Torso is a victim of his situation. He did not make the choices that led to his current condition freely. Time and again he was forced into a situation where there was no good choice and he had to choose one evil over another. He is the embodiment of corruption. The potential hosts usually explode because the invoker was never able to find a host that was corrupt enough to contain it. Also, who wants to crawl around with no arms or legs?

The Torn Prince:
Wrake has not done much with wraiths except to use them as reconnaissance. Whenever you see a dark spot in the corner or a shadow behind a door, Wrake may have sent a wraith to listen in on you. It is unknown why he has not done more with wraiths other than he does not want to use all of his resources at once.

Darkmoon's attack allows her to grind her victim to powder through pain. She cannot yet take physical form, but you should be able to see her through dreamcatchers if she's around. In order to invade dreams or use her pain attack, she must be nearby. While she does enter dreams, she is not part of the Dreaming. This is a different plane than where she exists.

Wrake has nearly wiped out the giant lands. Jurn is small for a giant, but is incredibly strong with very long arms. Sometimes speed makes a stronger warrior than size. The last time the Juggernaut was summoned he was unaffected by weapons or magic, destroyed everything in his path, and was never seen again. It would be assumed that the Zodiac within the host destroyed him by now. It is known that weapons and magic can't hurt him. Currently this is the strongest member of the Zodiac. We must find some alternate way to fight him.

He is one of the oldest and greatest dragons. He is covered in steel and sharp blades. He was covered in steel when he got into a war with another dragon, fell into a volcano, and lived. He suffered centuries of pain and is very bitter. This anger may have caused him to join Wrake willingly for revenge. He saw joining the Zodiac as a way to gain power. He has a ridiculous amount of armor as we must fight through steel and dragon hide. To defeat him we need to just keep hitting him, a lot.
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