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Missive to Sir Callin

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 4/29/1003
Responses: yes, included
Sir Callin

Vizier of the Free Kingdoms,

It is so unfortunate that things never seem to go as planned and that allies can be found on either side. A war does not a battle make and we are sure The Chosen, the Undead Centaurs, the forces near the mountain of Power or the Cursed, our allies, will not be so foolish as to follow such a human and predictable trap. We will meet you, our allies and Our legions, in time at our choosing. But our war will not only be on you, but on your peasants and children you leave behind. How is Roland these days? Any... bad.... dreams?

No. This is a beginning, not an ending.


Morthak, General for the Wraith Legions

Durlan, General for the Vampire Legions

TZaar, First Flight of the Black Dragons

UuLnaf, General for the Ghoul Legions

Jurn, General for the Giant Legions

Armcruncher, General of the Skeleton Legions

Nidaro, Dark Angel and Genral of the Nether Forces

You and yours make declarations of war then flee when your bluff is called.
Keep spouting your words. You are nothing.
I am sure you and your forces are more than capable of skulking in the shadows
and hidden places and striking from them. That was self-evident when you
kidnapped a single person then fled. If you were truly powerful you would meet
us upon the battlefield. We will no longer waste our time upon the weak. You
are nothing.

Sir Callin
Vizier of the Free Kingdoms
Sir Callin

Vizier of the Free Kingdoms

We are Void, the very definition of nothing. Thank you for being observant. Other than that, it is a poor general that commands his troops into a situation not to his advantage. Why take the front gate when the open side gate will do? Why take an army that stands in a field far from your goal? You will meet us in the time of OUR choosing, of that, you can be assured.

But you are correct; action is far better than words. It is my rite; I will come for you first.

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