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Author: Lucas and Skein
Place/Gathering Discovered: Zeek's personal library
Date: 2/17/1000
Transcribed by: Aberes
Received at 9:21 a.m., the 2nd month on the 17th day in 1000.

Hey guys. Read this. - Lucas

Lucas and Company,

I have discovered the following, but am unable to follow up on it at this time:

The Tree responsible for the second plague is located in the large wood east
of the main crossroads, north east of Fleetwood, deep within the uncharted
areas of Chimeron on a small hill. The tree is huge and black in thick forest.

If you know where Simoon and her party are, I suppose the tree should be their next order of attack.

I have found that Cure Disease can cure infected grain of the mold that has contaminated it, and that one Cure Disease can cure roughly 250 ilbs of grain.

- Skein.
(currently at the Temple of Gaia)

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