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The 13 Tribes

Author: Dame Jeyde Icebreaker Thunderwalker, of Tuath Fasach
Date: October 22nd, 1008 M.R.
Back when the Mad King was attempting to take over, there were thirteen tribes that opposed him and his armies, and eventually was able to gain the help of The Silver Queen.

Elder Thunderwalker, my grandfather, told me these stories over and over again, so I know them by heart about each tribe. For this page, I shall list the thirteen tribes and give a very brief description of them. I shall add to these pages separately as I have time.

Thunderwalker - the main group that opposed Pathos. My grandfather was the leader at that time within that age, and fought for the 'throne'. From Thunderwalkers come leaders, spirit-weavers, mage knights, and healers.
Greenbow - archers. Mainly elves that have lived for centuries in the plains and made stretches of open, flat lands their homes.
Softshadow - Archers, healers, very magical in nature. A lot of mage knights were also made here, but mainly focusing on the raw magics of the lands than actual recorded spells. It was a mixed group of humans and elves.
Bluejoy - All Grandfather told me about them was that they were humans, and that they were greedy. A lot of stories of folly are told about them, and they keep far away from other tribes.
Deeprunner - humans and dwarves that make mountainous and cave regions their homes, and also can live deep in the ground along the rivers and roots. The dwarves are dark skinned while the humans are extremely pale from lack of sunlight. They are extremely adept at fighting/brawling, and can make just about anything from rock.
Walltaker - They earned the name by besieging a few strongholds in that time.
Earthmaker - Our rangers come from here. Humans, elves, and half-elves.
Icebreaker - Dwarfs from the snowy North.
Red Arms - human Berserkers who ward off pain and cheat Death again and again. When one of them dies, however, they hold a glorious celebration for three days, consummating the end of the celebration by burning the body, yet as it burns game meat is cooked over it and then eaten by the entire tribe. The spirit goes into the next age, and the hopes that the strength and bravery of the warrior has been caught by the meat. Thus the warrior lives on in all of them.
Lightbringer - The optimists, shamans galore. They were dreamers and lovers of the day, but they no longer exist according to Grandfather.
Opal Sages - They were where one goes to learn Spirit-Weaving, and ones place in the world. Mostly made up of human women, they breeded with other tribes and would give the sons back to their respective fathers, and keep the daughters.
Matchgazers - Grandfather did not speak of them directly to me, but I know a story about them, told to me by my family before I left to go find Beastmaster Cecil many years ago.
Zerendulu - Grandfather said this was the oddest tribe of all, for there were neither humans nor elves in it, and yet they were sentient beings. I have a few stories about them, and perhaps readers can put the pieces together.

These are the names of the tribes. As I record the stories I find in my own papers in the Ivory Library, I encourage any that might have a way of looking into the distance past to do so, so we may solve some mysteries at least.

Thank you for reading.
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