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The Book of Winter

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: inherited from Grandfather Zeek McKrye's paperwork
Date: pre-1002 M.R.
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
And so the fields of the Old Kingdom
ran with blood. The ancient evil rained
down upon the world, leaving many sick
or dying or dead. The armies of good
were laid to waste and the hand of the
church was cut off by the Mad King's
orders. The Hope if the world had been
sacrificed to the Dark King's god and
few could find the end to hunger and

In the depths of darkness, the Silver
Queen came forth to fight the madness.
From her very hands flew a flight of
dragons, and side-by-side they battled
the evil, with Banishment leading the
way. And as the Stone of the Wheel
cracked and the Mad King was forced
into the depths of time, never to emerge
to harm the Old Kingdom ever again.

And so did the battle rage beyond this
time and place. With the gods at her
right shoulder, the Silver Queen and
Hope re-born found the dead father and
destroyed the Mad King. Many lives
were lost and lost again as Pathos
regained his sanity and his heart. But as
his heart was mended, so was it broken
again by the Silver Queen.

And Lo, as Pathos died, he breathed a
curse unto the new Realm. With the first
snow of winter came a Plague like none
had seen before. All animals of the farm
slowly died and with their deaths came
the death of thousands. And so went the
first of seven Plagues that swept the new
Realm, one for each slight the Silver
Queen had given Mad King in his life.

With both old and new, Sun and Moon
discovered the Plagues and began their
quest to defeat them all. Both Branch
and Clan, both Griffin and Rook, both (end Page 1)

Bird and Lion aided in the fight against
the first Plague. Using the Old Magic,
the Sun and Moon did hunt the Plague.
For more days than can be counted they
moved across the land like the wind,
until the curse was at last before them.

It fought with all the Evil it could
muster, its diseased claws biting into the
flesh of the Shadow. But quickly did the
old woman fall to the power of the
Boneweaver. To dust and cold did the
Plague return and the land felt a shudder
of calm. This calm lasted only a short

For from the screams of the first fallen
curse, the second opened her eyes and
soured the land, killing grass and grain.
Hearing the cries of the Great Mother,
those close to Her aided the Moon to
find the second Plague.

Wrapped in a crown of thorns, the earth
was again covered in blood. So as the
Bone struck the heart, those close to the
Great Mother heard the rage of the
Forgotten Ones. Time itself shook as
Eagle and Branch fought for their very

So from the shadow did Fear, the fourth
Plague, come. To crush the Branch and
Bird was his goal, to being War and
chaos to those at peace was his feeding.
Within the minds he moved, still locked
in the icy core. Verily were innocents
slaughtered by the guilty and the guilty
slain by their own hand.

He walked among the people of the new
Realm without their knowledge,
stopping them at every turn, taking their
darkest thoughts and making them real.
And so did he walk into the mind of the (end Page 2)

Rook and find the Mad King's resting
place and so did he find a new shelter for
it, knowing the Plagues to come would
have need of it.

And so Griffin and Claw set out to end
the third Plague while Fear walked wit
them. There was much suffering as they
found his Keep deep within the ice. Far
below, they found him and dragged him
into the light, each striking a blow into
his heart, for the only way to defeat Fear
is to stike it thus. With this done, the
Moon did bring him low and so ended
the reign of the third curse upon the New

But Fear had been hard at work and had
freed the fourth and fifth Plagues
together from their prisons. As Fire
spread through the land, taking children
and burning villages, the Dragon Reborn
hunted the Moon. And so did the
peasants for the Branch suffer fire and
ice and the Dragon's evil army of Hate.

A call went up through the Green and
the Gold to stop the Plagues before it
reached the Rock of the People and
began to burn them out of Keep and
country. And so the Sun took the Gold
to quench the Fire with Ice and water
and wind, to force him back to the prison
he came, until the time Sun and Moon
would meet and lay him asunder. And
while the Sun played, so did the Moon.
The new once again played their part to
chant away the Dragon Reborn. And so
did the Bear and Rock and Branch and
Blue did keep her army of Hate at bay
while the battle was again played out to
its conclusion, and the Dragon returned
to her proper place. (end Page 3)

And as the Dragon found her death, so
did she release the sixth Plague of Death
upon the New Realm. Twisted way the
way of Death and Murder, killing in the
night with no rhyme or reason, leaving
bodies in sadistic shapes and feeding on
children's blood. Through the summer
nights she raged, and the people, tired of
paying for the mistakes of their Lords
rose up, demanding to be released from
the enemy they could not see. Bands of
armies formed to storm the Keep and
castle of those who swore their
protection. Villages of dead are found as
they, without hope, took their own lives.
And so did the rivers run red with the
Blood of the innocent and the Plague
took its hold upon the lands.

And so did the New Realm rise up to
stop the Plague. At the Heart did the
Sun quest with Claw, Blue and Branch
to View the curse. Far into the ancient
wood did they find the great Beast that
could give them Sight. There was great
sacrifice to obtain Sight and the Sun
did lose his brightness to save them all.

As the leaves fell from the tress did they
finally spy upon the Plague at Victory.
As they hunted her, Justice's hand struck
with a vengeance while the Moon did
rise, leaving all to wonder at the final

Although it is the last, it was the true
first to appear in the New Realm, hiding
within a sword of Time. So only when
Death was conquered did it make its
presence known. In vain did the Branch
seek to destroy all swords of Time, for
its evil seed had all ready struck the land
that wielded it. (end of Page 4)

Verily was it quieter than the rest and it
snuck away to where fear had hidden the
Mad King's body to bring it to life
again. Seven more were found to Link
the dead King to the world, Seven more
would die to resurrect the evil and its
evil heart.

And as the Mad King returned to the
living, So did the Sun and Moon
together begin the final ritual to bring
about the New Age. And as the Six
Plagues were sent into oblivion, the last
Plague and the Dead King did grow
weak and become mortal. So then did
the armies of the New Realm vanquish
the Dead King and his last curse,
bringing their bodies to the Sun and
Moon to be sent unto oblivion, so that
this evil may never return to the Wheel.

Thus came the New Age. As the Umbra
faded into history, the Sun and Moon
shone with brilliance and were given
Blessings by both gods and their friends.

So ends the Book of Winter. May the
True Evil never strike this deep again! (end Page 5, end of Book)
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