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The Umbra (old)

Author: Alexander Cecil
Date: unknown
(Editor's Note: This information is old and inaccurate. The reader would be better served by consulting other documents in the Library on this topic)

Having been the Hate Incarnate, I am very intimate with the Umbra, but I am also
lacking in many areas of information. Here is what I know. It is sketchy at best in many
areas, and I am afraid that many parts are very personal. If sharing them will aid in our
quest to counter Pathos, then so be it. This is the entirety of my knowledge regarding the

One thousand centuries ago (or so I am told, this may be an exaggeration, maybe
not), Pathos rules over most of what is now our world. I am under the impression that
there were a few great powers then, not many scattered groups as there are now. At any
rate, Pathos ruled with his lady Rebecca Silver at his side. The Great Dragons decided
that Pathos was too powerful, so they forged the Umbra and banished him to the
bottom-most conceivable level. (This story comes directly from Pathos)

The Plane
Think of the Umbra as an onion, an onion with infinite layers. As you peel away
each layer, another takes the last's place, but the new layer is even more complex and
strange than the old. Pathos was banished to the layer furthest down that could possibly
be understood by the greatest of minds.
The name Umbra indicates "moonshadow", or the darkness that falls between us
and our moon. I am not yet certain as to what relevance this may have.
The first layer of the Umbra is that which many of us have seen. None from our
plane have traveled deeper (to my knowledge). The second layer is one of horrific
monsters. I believe that creatures on par with the Nemesis Wraiths are at the bottom of
the food chain there. The very bottom. The third level is in many ways the most
interesting. On the third level, anything that has ever been lost exists; obtaining is simply
a matter of finding. I have no information on any layer lower. To reach one layer, you
must travel through all the higher layers. This makes the third layer almost impossible to
reach. There is a theory on how to skip directly to the third layer from our plane, but we
are not certain if it will work. We are also concerned with escape once within the third

The Entities of Power
Four entities of power were created to serve the Dragon King. They were Love,
Life, Death, and Hate. None is an essence; if one is killed, then the aspect that they
represent will still go on. Each draws its power from its namesake.

The Moongate
Two harvests ago (Into the Moongate, Fall, '96), many of us crossed through the
Moongate. The Moongate led to the Umbral plane (Moon relation to Umbra?). Opening
and closing at certain intervals, this gave us access to the Umbra, where I believe that Sir
Pyr Thalax was lost some weeks before in an independent venture.
Within the Umbra, a contest was being held by the Dragon King to see which of
his Entities of Power would become the greatest. We were the players. Each Entity of
Power had a task that needed to be performed to beat it. I believe that the order in which
the Entities of Power were defeated combined with the number of Tarrot cards that each
collected decided the winner. The Tarrot cards were found in the Umbra by those from
our Realm and collected by the Entities of Power. I believe that Hate won this contest by
a large margin, as he had the most cards and was the last to be defeated. It should here
be noted that each entity was defeated using its own aspect. Death was by Chess, with
mortals soul's counting as pieces. Life was by, among other things, the raising of one that
you ordinarily would refuse to help. Hate was by rage in combat. I am unsure as to
Love's contest.
After the contest was complete, the Dragon Queen (The Queen of Knowledge, a
goddess?) attacked us with her Scarlet Knight and her other female counterparts. I know
little of the Dragon Queen and Scarlet Knight at this time. I will later better relate their
powers as I knew them on Hate's invasion of our plane. We barely escaped with our
lives, as creatures had dismantled the Moongate from the outside.
Sir Pyr was rescued, but he had been within the Umbra for what I believe was ten
years to him (I am unsure as to how this was accomplished). This indicates that there is a
definite difference between the timelines of our two planes.

The Hate Incarnate and the Fall of the Dragon Queen
It was but last summer (Hate Incarnate, '97) that we were forced to again deal
with this Umbral menace, but for new and unexpected reasons. The Moongate had been
dismantled and scattered throughout all the Realms. The Dragon King had been betrayed
and destroyed by his Queen. Now, after months of building the necessary energy, the
Dragon Queen prepared for what was to be a fateful assault on our very home.
We received word but weeks in advance that she had mobilized for war, so those
of us who could assembled to confront her. Unfortunately, we had to play the game by
her rules. Again, we found ourselves within the clutches of a contest, this one for much
higher stakes. The first part of the war consisted of us against Hate (her champion) and
his minions. There were several stakes scattered across the site, and we had to keep the
invaders outside of ten feet from the pre-determined stakes for that round. If we
defended a majority of the stakes successfully, we received points for the round. If not,
the Umbra received points. This continued all day, and the Umbra won that portion of
her competition.
Come that night, many of us made decisions that would set the stage for our
present situation. No one knew exactly what the night would hold, but a bouquet of
flowers to the female barkeep revealed this information:
"Hate is not a creature, you know, but a position. Tonight, his spot must be filled
again. If you can succeed, then he will be replaced with a weaker incarnation, but if you
fail...he will be replaced by one even stronger."
I relayed this information to as many I could in a very short time, for soon the sun
set. Hate's minions began to ransack our camp, but they made no effort to destroy our
Circle of Healing, an act I thought quite odd. Hate then came to us, his grin alerting us
that something was about to unfold. "Tonight, we choose my new incarnation," he said,
"Who will be so bold as to step forward?" Knowing that I knew just slightly more about
the present situation than anyone else there, and figuring that if someone had to go it
should be me, I came to him, "I may accept your offer Hate, but first convince me." I
was led to his camp, where the beginnings of a glowing pentagram lie on the ground. He
explained to me that they needed life essences to complete the pentagram and thus
perform the rite of incarnation. That was why they came to our camp and killed our men
several times over to gather the necessary energy. He explained to me how he needed a
successor, and how powerful I would be if I joined with him. He told me of great magics
and tremendous power I could wield with a sheer thought. I asked him about the Dragon
Queen, and he informed me that I could overcome her with our combined power. I
would rule over the Umbra with her as my slave and mistress. Ultimate power would be
I asked him if I could discuss this offer with my guild. He told me that I could,
but if I did with anyone else I would be stripped of my magics forever and our deal would
be null and void. To let me know he was serious, he gave me Angus' Quester Blade and
sent me on my way.
After consulting with my guildmembers, we could find no answer. Could I
overcome his hatred, or would my spirit fall as well? We had no answers, so I turned to
The Beast for my solutions. Looking for guidance, I asked what the future would be if I
were to willingly become the next Hate Incarnate. The visions that followed showed me
as a high lord over all our world. All bowed to me, and I stood tall over my vast armies
and subjects. Then, the coin flipped so to speak, and I saw a much darker half of my
reign. Famine and plague swept the war-torn land. People lay dying everywhere with no
hope of survival. What I saw as a glorious rule was truly one of strife and death, and I
had brought it all about.
As the flames died from my ceremonial fire, I wept for the loss that I had been
told I could create. It was then and there that I knew that I had to resist Hate with all my
soul. When he and his minions came to take me away, they had to knock me out in order
to get me to the pentagram. Once there, I attempted to escape, but his minions slew me
and the world went black. The next I knew I was inside the Pentagram, supported by
Hate as we melded into one being. I, Cecil of Pax Tharkus, was the Hate Incarnate.
As the Hate Incarnate, I led my troops against our heroes. I was invulnerable, and
my minions had become more powerful. The Scarlet Knight and her sisters could only
be harmed by women and certain types of weapons. I sought the sword Lightning Dancer
because it could harm me. It looked like my prophecy was coming true.
Meanwhile, a small group of adventurers had successfully ventured into the
Umbra and Rhoe gave herself over to Love and became the Arrow of Love. It was with
this arrow and a scroll to disrupt the pentagram that Hate was banished from my body
and I was saved from my horrible fate.
As the army of the Dragon Queen marched upon us, including many from our
own ranks who had fate turned against them, the heroes began a ceremony to destroy her.
I am not familiar as to the details of the Ceremony, but I am certain that the Dragon
Queen was trapped in a sword and her rule over the Umbra was ended.

The History of Hate
After becoming one with Hate, I do remember a few things from his past. Hate
was created by the Great Dragon as a servant. At first, he simply loathed that which he
had become, but soon he began to hate his creator and later all of existence. This only
fueled his powers and existence until he became such a being of pure Hatred that I could
no longer understand his mind. I recall how he wanted the destruction of the Great
Dragon and how he now remembers me "fondly," so to speak. I also recall an orb in the
creation of Hate, but this may well be simply a figure of my diseased mind at the time
and not an actual truth.

The Rise of Pathos
Just as we thought that our Umbral threats had vanished, a new player came to the
board. Pathos had fought his way to the top layer of the Umbra and now stood
unopposed. Perhaps that it was fate that aided him, or perhaps the Umbra was created
just a little too tailored to Pathos as a prison, but for whatever reason he quickly rose to
power. He sent a missive to Rebecca Silver of Chimeron telling her that she was his
lover and he had returned.

Pathos as a Being
Pathos is no ordinary being. Do not be fooled by his courtly manner or soft speech;
Pathos is a being of pure evil. He hides his scarred and grotesque face behind a
glowing mask. He wields a sword in one arm and a large shield in the other. I know of
only two, possibly three swords that may harm him:
1. His sword made of the honed Flesh and Bone of one thousand tortured individuals (taken at the Queen of Hearts IV)
2. Lightning Dancer
3. possibly his sword that he dropped at this last Feast of Rhiassa. It contains small parts of seven individuals:
Rebecca Silver
Shean O'Quinlan
Cecil (myself)
Xavier Cardigan
At the Tournaments of the Cold Moon, I received a vision. I saw a black tablet
with gold runes shattering and reforming. I also saw a sword touched by seven hands. I
knew that these were integral to destroying Pathos, but how? We still do not know. I
have never seen the sword in the real world, so it is not the sword containing parts of
seven of us. Nor is it his original sword. There must be another. We can cast no
divination to learn more, because each time we do, Pathos himself will show up. This
holds with Identifies and we believe other spells as well. We are stuck; all our hopes lie
in the likelihood of a future vision.

Just after we fought off the Umbral army last summer, two missives were in the
View from Valehaven. One was for Cecil, saying "I remember you." It was signed
"Hate". The other was to Rebecca Silver. It was a love letter telling of days of old when the writer and Rebecca ruled together. It was signed "Pathos". This was the first that we had actually heard of Pathos.

The Black and white Masquerade
At this year's Black and White Masquerade, I created a gate to the Umbra so
Gonf and Rebecca could talk with Pathos. I do not know all of what transpired, but
Rebecca did convince him not to enter our lands for one cycle of the moon, which he did

The Nexus
In the Nexus, I ventured into the Umbra on a personal quest to find Hate. This
was to see if he still had power over me. Once inside the Umbra, I was approached by
the one we now know as Pathos.
"You are Cecil, the Beast Master," he addressed me.
"Yes. Since you know this, am I to take it that you are Pathos, Lord of the
"I am."
"I come in search of Hate, is he here?"
"You may find him; he lies further in."
Our conversation continued for a few minutes until the gate closed behind me.
"You are trapped," Pathos observed.
"It does appear that I am."
With that, Pathos conjured up a ball of magic energy. I felt a sharp pain in my
chest, then everything went black. Even in death, I was aware that I had just become a
link to Pathos. He needed one more besides me to venture out of the Umbra. Pathos
raised me as a minion with the goal of bringing Rebecca Silver to him. I was magically
compelled to do everything in my power to bring her to him alive. Thankfully, the magic
wore off before I could locate her.

Just before the last Tournaments of Chiron, I began having the most horrific
nightmares. All I could see was the face of Pathos, and it filled my mind with sheer
horror. These nightmares continued every night for months until the Feast of Rhiassa,
where we found the sword mentioned above containing the parts of seven of us. That
very evening, my nightmares ceased. I do not know the exact cause of the dreams, but I
do believe that it is related to that sword. If any of the others could help qualify this
statement, I would be very grateful.

Tournaments of the Cold Moon
At the Tournaments of the Cold Moon, several of us gated to meet with Pathos on
a neutral plane. We did not get Pathos, but instead one of his sniveling retainers. When
we gated back, I was torn from the group. Unbeknownst to the rest of the party, Hate
grabbed me by the collar, simply said, "I still remember you," and killed me. In death, I
had the visions of the black tablet and seven hands on the sword. I arrived on our plane
dead and was quickly raised.
At the same tournaments, Rebecca Silver was possessed because she had held
Pathos' first sword (the one of tortured souls and honed flesh). She killed Gonf. Her
friends did eventually explain to her that she was possessed and that everything would be
all right.

The Seven Links and other Relations
Now, Pathos has seven links to our world. They are:
The Love: Rebecca Silver
Three Knights: Peregrine, Myriel, and Lars
Two Mages: Xavier Cardigan and Cecil
The Champion: Simoon
There are other relations to Pathos as well:
The General (his General): unknown, but we will like him
Lover: Rebecca Silver
Son: unknown
The Woodland Kin: Tetch

I believe that this is the entirety of my Umbral Knowledge at this time. I will
update this information as I learn more and points are cleared up. Together, we may be
able to hold back the upcoming Umbral threats and work together to bring down Pathos
once and for all.
Please contact me if you can help me or teach me more.

Past Hate Incarnate
The Defender


I have received more information on the Umbra and many of my previous statements need correction. The following is a mixture of new facts, corrections, and changed conditions.

The Swords
The the status of the Umbral swords has changed: here is the new list:
Lightning Dancer: destroyed when brought in contact with the blade Spirit by Sir Gonf, it could hurt Pathos
Spirit: this is the white blade acquired at the Feast of Rhiassa, contains parts of the seven links to Pathos, it can harm Pathos. Pathos needs this sword to see into the links' minds and cause my nightmares.
Body: the black blade acquired at the Queen of Hearts IV, forged from the honed flesh and bone of one thousand tortured souls, it can harm Pathos
Umbral Dagger: found at the recent raiding of the Goblin Stronghold (Loose Threads)
Boneweaver (Lelmok): sword into which the Dragon Guardian of Knowledge was banished
Banishment: this was the sword in my vision at the Tournaments of the Cold Moon. We need this and the Stone of The Wheel (also in my vision) to defeat Pathos. Banishment's location is unknown.

The Son
His name is Phen. He too was reincarnated, but we know not as who. He will undergo a transformation like mine into Hate, but his will be worse as it incorporates all five fires. Assuming that Hate is a fire, then I only know of four fires (Hate, Life, Love, Death).

The Links
The Love: Rebecca Silver
Three Knights: Peregrine, Myriel, and Lars
Two Mages: Xavier Cardigan and Cecil
The Champion: Sean O'Quinlan
I am not certain that Sir Sean is The Champion, he may be a knight, but I am not sure. Simoon has not been linked to Pathos fully, but she and Zeek Folethor may have some sort of link, though not one like the others.

The Dragons
They were not Kings and Queens, but Guardians of The Wheel. The Dragon Guardian of Knowledge incarnated herself as a woman and gave birth to a man so that her knowledge could be passed to every other generation. All the Dragons were created by the Guardian of Time who sits at the Center of the Umbra. I have heard that the Guardian of Nature came to our aid during the Umbral Invasion (Hate Incarnate), but I do not remember much of him.

Pathos ruled three thousand years ago (ten generations by the wind elves, or three wheels). He was unsure of where we were in the Wheel when he and I last spoke, and he is now week. If there is a time to cast spells and learn more, then it is now. He will grow stronger at the Wheel turns.

I now have some questions that I hope some may be able to answer:
-Who is in possession of each the Umbral Blades?
-Does the Arrow of Love still exist, and if so who has it?
-What role do the Wind Elves play in all of this?
-Are Myriel and Lars knights? I think that they are, but I need confirmation.
-What does anyone know about the Guardian of Knowledge?
-Was Lightning Dancer merely broken, or totally destroyed?
-What can anyone tell me about there recent rumors passing about The Silver Queen and a bloody wedding dress with a sign reading Rebecca?
-Where is Rebecca Silver? I want to make sure that I am aware if any of our side is missing.
-Did the other six links besides myself have nightmares lasting from just before the Tournaments of Chiron until the Feast of Rhiassa. Were the nightmares of the face of Pathos, or of something else?

Thank you to Durgan and Thorn for their information.

Tetch Twiceborn has information on Pathos as well.

If you can help me, please contact me.

I sign with my Umbral name,

-Cecil, Beastmaster
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