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On Lesser Extraplanar Entities

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown, discovered by Mikhail at Twilight Dreaming
Date: unknown
Transcribed by: Kovaks
In my travels, I have discovered a strange parallelism between the Abyss and Valhöll. The Demon Princes of the Abyss of the Celestials of Valhöll do not seem to travel outside their demesne very often. Certainly, they can be summoned with the appropriate conjuration spell, but it is not something they generally do. More often than not, they send lesser servants to the other realms they wish to influence.

Generally speaking, these servants do not take physical form. They would send their servants to whisper into the dreams of those they wish to influence. Dark delusions, prophecy, the gibbering of the insane, sudden insight... all of them could be masking the interference of these beings in our day to day lives. We have always thought this was just the preference of the Princes and Celestials. I now suspect differently.

They whisper to us in dreams because in order for them to have a servant physically manifest, they require a willing host. Or so I suspect.

I have discovered that Nemesis has four such servants. Most of them are the remains of those who had thwarted him in the past. I wouldn't exactly say they were all paragons of virtue, but I believe each one of them contributed to a failure on his part in some capacity. I do not know how he convinced them to submit, but I am pretty sure each and every one of these"Dark Wraiths" agreed of their own free will to serve.

Servants of the light work in much the same way, except that they require their celestial servants to volunteer as well as the physical host. I have never seen the physical manifestation of a Valkyrie, but I strongly suspect it has happened in our past. the children's tale of Aerynn, I suspect, is the story of the merging of a celestial servant and a mortal child.

Giving celestial or demonic servants physical form is a double-edged sword. They can act directly in the mortal realm, but they can also be destroyed. Each Greater Celestial protects their mortal servants in their own way... but the protection cannot be absolute. To act in the mortal realms, they must be mortal. Mortal in the sense that they can be destroyed... not in any sense of being alive or dead.

I have given serious thought to the possibility that we may need such a servant of light should Nemesis decide to bring his Wraiths against us. Nemesis is bad enough eithout them.

I have created a Portal to Valhöll in a new crypt being excavated in the Burial Grounds to the north east of Kos. I need it to be outside the Barrier, and I figure that I could hide it amongst the carvings of the crypt wall to keep it from attracting too much attention. I am going to have to figure out some way to get from Kos to the Crypt in case Nemesis comes knocking at our door... but I suppose I'll deal with that later. (Myria has warned me that building a Portal to Valhöll is skirting the edges of blasphemy. I assured her that if I die, I'll go to Valhöll the long way, just like everyone else.)

I have divined a symbol which will draw a willing Valkyrie to the Portal should the need arise. A grey equilateral triangle on a white field. That is the symbol of the Healer's Guild, oddly enough. I would not have guessed that the symbolism for the Healer's Guild would have originated with Valkyries. After all, the Healer's Guild primary goal in life is to delay the arrival of Heroes to that Great Hall as long as possible.

I think it is important to equip the Valkyrie-candidate properly. The Dark Wraiths are all armed with potent weapons worthy of servants of their power. So to must a Valkyrie be so armed. In the story of Aerynn, the child finds a Sword, a Spear, and a Shield before she is transformed into that figure of light. I figure that is as good a place to start as any.

I have put together the specifications for a sword, a spear, and a shield to be crafted by the three most gifted blacksmiths we can get our hands on and included them in this scholium. If it looks like Nemesis will bring his wraiths against us before the Banishment Ritual can be completed, I will send out the schematics immediately. Fortunately, in the years before Nemesis came, Kos held competitions for weaponsmiths to show their skill. Hopefully at least some of the winners are still alive.

I wish I could find my journal. This is exactly the kind of stuff that I need to be keeping track of!

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