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The Baron's Recollections

Author: Baron Diamond Banecroft
Date: unknown
I well remember the battle against the Demon Nemesis. That was a defining
moment in my development, among other things my first night quest.

I'm always happy to share my knowledge. It all started with some magic item
that healed people - for a year it was used, and all unbenoced to us using
that item allowed Nemesis to possess you. Then one day he called his
banners - all the nobilitiy of the time save myself and Lord Cinnibar were
possessed by him. His army of heroes of the Realms was stronger and more
experienced than the free heroes. They began the day by driving us from the
field and sweeping all before them. But as the day went on, we learned how
to master the local magic, and we gained temporal care packages from an
ancient, time-travelling mage. That mage gave us the secret ritual
necessary to defeat Nemesis.

After much heroic action, we were only able to partially defeat Nemesis.
Our ritual was comrimised by a trator in our midst, a foul rouge who
betrayed the efforts of the whole free army. Furthermore, the great hero
Pol Coville was lost to the Astral plane. Pol Coville's efforts to stay
alive in the astral plane directly led to a 3-year threat to the Realms, the
corruption of the elemental planes.

Nemesis makes great use of corrupting, possessing magics. He typically
sends a small party of wraiths to get things - I've had no report but I'm
betting it was wraiths that were the minions you mentioned. They are best
effected by silver.

There was one additional report of Nemesis's doings: a story appeared in
the view describing Nemesis's encounter with an imprisoned oracle. This
oracle was seeking to resist being forced to make Nemesis invincible, and in
the course of their conversation described to us some of the rules Nemesis
had to work within to gain his request from her.

The ritual to defeat Nemesis was VERY difficult to get exactly right - so
hard we did it wrong the first time, hence the loss of Pol Coville. I have
in my notebook, a very sketchy version describing the ritual, but I do not
have confidence in it.

Good luck, and I'll see you on the field.

Baron Diamond
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