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Diary found in Monk's Keep

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: ruins of Monk's Keep in Elemirre, Return to Monk's Keep
Date: January 1005
Transcribed by: Iris
April the twentieth, nine-hundred and fortieth year:
What an auspicious beginning of my diary! Today I was accepted into the Mages' Guild as an apprentice under the tutelage of Jarek! I can't wait to tell Myria. I feel kind of bad, though. She got me this diary as a gift for my acceptance into the Mages' Guild, and I didn't get her anything when she entered the Healers' Guild. Maybe I'll go get her some flowers...

April the twenty-fourth, nine-hundred and fortieth year:
By the gods Jarek is slow! Here it is the fourth day under his tutelage and he hasn't even allowed me to enter his laboratory yet. What a dudder-fudder! If he doesn't let me in tomorrow, I don't know what I'll do. Myria is telling me to be patient, but that's easy for her to say...at least the healers are teaching her something.

April the twenty-sixth, nine-hundred and fortieth year:
I overheard that Jarek is going to be performing some sort of conjuration tomorrow. From what ol'Gerald says, he's been preparing for this for two decades...twenty years! By the gods, this is what I came to see! I don't care what anybody says, I am at least going to watch. I think I still have those lockpicks from my childhood somewhere...

April the twenty-eighth, nine-hundred and fortieth year:
By the gods, what have I done? Can't believe that Jarek's dead! How was I supposed to know that the dagger in my belt would disrupt Jarek's conjuration just because I was such and such a distance away...it's not even magical... it's just a dagger! I still can't get it out of my eyes... Jarek's body being wrenched inside out by the power of that thing... what am I going to do? The Guild has already shown a great deal of mercy by simply not killing me for my mistake and keeping my trangression under their hats. I can't believe it, actually. Ever since the accident, I haven't been spoken to once. They just said return to your chambers and stay there. I sent a letter to Myria...I hope she comes...I really need someone to talk to.. By the gods, poor Jarek! What have I done?

May the first, nine-hundred and fortieth year:
I think I am going to die. The mages still haven't talked to me yet. The only person who I ever see anymore is Myria who comes by everyday, thank the gods. I don't understand how Myria can stand my presence after what I have done, but thank the gods for it! She has been telling me that there are stories of heinous acts of cruelty coming in from everywhere. It seems something has stirred up the orcs, goblins, and trolls in the hills of Darkvale! I have a bad feeling I know what that something is. The mages have been busy with something. I have may have killed more people than just Jarek with my stupidity. I think that I am going to be sick. (End page one)

May the sixth, nine-hundred and fortieth year:
The Guildmasters have finally spoken with me. They told me they are simply too busy to do anything with me now. I have been told that the dagger I carried into the summoning chamber disrupted a "Raise the Dead" spell being cast by ahelaer who was [resnt in the room as part of a greater ritual. My unauthroized presence in the room has released not a mere netherform or guardian from the lower planes, but a Demon Prince from the Abyss! My gods, I thought there were rules of nature that forbud such beings to even enter our plane! The mages know luttele except that the Demon Prince calls itself Nemesis (and only that because dsome pooe farmer's intenstines spelled it out on his barn door!). I think that if the mages don't kill me, I might do it myself. Why me? By the gods...why does this kind of thing always happen to me?

May the ninth, nine-hundred and fortieth year:

Myria has stopoped by with some wonderful news...it seems that the Demon Prince Nemeiss has been banished back into the Abyss! Eveidently Nemesis sensed the trap that the mages and healers laid for him and sent a veritable horde of orcs and goblins to try and disrupt the Guilds' work...Myria tells me that the warrior ofd the Realms banded together and repelled the attack and allowed the Gyuild to compolete it's work! Myria tells me that there is a huge clebration going on in town. I am happy that my mistake will not be causting anyone else their lives. Myria promised to sneak a bottle fo wine in here next time she cones and we're going to have a little party. I think a litt;le wine will do me good.. Now where did I put that corkscrew? I can never seem to find things...no matter where on the floor I leave them.

May the eleventh, nine-hundred and fortieth year:

I am worried. The warriors are all still cleebrating their victory, biut everyuone in the mages guild is quiet and somber. Myria tells me it is the same at the House of Healing. Something is nit right. We didn'[t even finish that bottle of wine l;ast night; we were so out of sorts. On a somewhat bright notre, however, Myria kissed me goodbye. I dunno exactly what to make of that.

May the fifteenth, nine-hundred and fortieth year:

Well, it is offical. I am no longer a member of the Mages' Guild, and no Rogue Mage in the Realms will take me in. I guess as a wizard my days are over. They kicked me out and told me never to return. I am living in the basement of Monk's Keep, just outside of town. If it weren't for Myria lending me money to buy food, I think I'd starve. She said she doesn't mind as long as it keeps me from begging for scraps. I am also running out of ink so I guess I won't be writing for a wh

January the first, nine-hundred and forty-first year:

Myria has managed to get me some more ink. It has benn so long since I've written I thouhgt I might have forgotten how? Let me see, what has been going on in my life? With Myria's help, I have a job as a servant in the house of Healing. They don't pay me anything ayt all, but I have a roof over my head and I eat for free. Myria used up much of her savings keeping me alive for those bad months, and I hope to pay her back some day. This bottle of ink I'm using reminds me of my short apprenticeship. Gods, I wish I was still a mage. (End page two)

February the twenty-third, nine-hundred and forty-first year:

Oh gods! I should have known that this all wasn't over...Nothing really ever goes well in my life. Where toi begin? Myria came and visited me and told me she overheard one of the healers mumbling about the 'term of banishment being nearly at an end'. Myria didn't have too much of an idea of what they were talking about, butr I do. I ca't really believe it, actually. You'd think that the all of the most powerful mages and healers in the Realms would be able to banish a demon, even if it is a Demon Prince for more than a year! By the gods, I don't even want to think about what's going to happen to the Realms when the day of reckoning occurs! That's what the mages and healers must be doing! They're planning their defenses and trying to come up with a more lasting banishment! Jarek spent twenty years just trying to summon the thing...I don't feel too secure in the ability of the guild to handle Nemesis a second time. I think I am going to save my ink and just record the really important events of my life...I just can't ask Myria to steal any more for me. I'm hoping against hope that the mages can think of something.

May the seventh, nine-hundred and forty-first year:

Today is the day, I can feel it. The whole town is closed up and none of the shops are open. The House of Healing seems to be working overtime preparing for gods-knows-what. I haven't seen Myria too much as we have both been busy. She made a point of stopping by today and we talked for a bit. I kinda got the feeling she was saying goodbye in case one of us didn't survive whatever the future might bring. The healers are saying that everything will be fine. I have simply lost my faith in the guilds' ability to thrwary the might of the Demon Prince.

May the eighth, nine-hundred and forty-first year:

Myria and I have fled the blackened ruins of our town. There was nothing anyone could do. The mages and healers tried to banish Nesmis again but hte Demon Prince was ready for them. It just seemed to lay aside the spells that were cast upon it and set about the grisly task of tearing every mage and healer who had a part oin the ritual iunto 3 pieces each. Myria and I hid in the =basement of the OHouse of Healing during the batt;e with some other healers as well. Nemesis found us.

It was terrible! It seems it was only looking for a specific healer, for it grabbed one(I don't know her name)and tore her into bits. I was sick right there and then. Myria passed out. When I could concentrate again, I found that everyone else was okay for the time being. It seemed that Nemesis had its own list of proptities and we weren't on the top the list. An arch-healer asked for a diving favor to hide us from the evil of this Demon Prince. I am not sure if her prayters were anmswers but Myria and I are still alive. We are heading south and east with no real destination in mind. Myria hasn't talked since she came to. I hope she's alright. This is all my fault. I can't believe this has been going on for a year npow...I vow to whatever powers that may be that one day I will make up for all trouble I have caused. Poor Myria...

September the ninth, nine-hundred and fifty-second year:

Hey! I can't believe I finally found this. Myria will be tickled that I sitll have it. Myria has suggested that I keep a journal in my attempt to banish Nemesis. She says it might help me to organize things better. Well, i don't think this will help me, but I'll do it for Myria. I think I must be the most disorganzied mage that ever lived. I guess that's what comes with being a rogue of rogues. I've been treaching myself magic for whatever sources I can find. Myria and I...did I mention that we were married last year? I guess not since my last entry was...oh dear. I haven't read this in quite qhile. It brings back some painful memories. (End page three)

Let me think...I am twenty-seven years old, same as Myria. We are married...did I mention that? Yeah, I guess I did. Anyway, we have been roaming the Realms, learning from who and whatever we can learn from about our respective gifts. I have talked with sprites and faerie. Myria has actually communed with her god! I think that in a year or so, we will be ready to try and banisment Nemeiss once and for all!

Nemesis. Now there's a name I'm sick of hearing. Everywhere we go, we hear nothing but 'Nemesis this' and 'Nemesis that'. Eveidently, Nemesis has been rampaganging across the Realms, killing and destryong everything it touches. For some reason I canot fathom, it is killing off as many orcs, trolls and goblins as it can find. I know that evil often turns against itself, but I still don't understand. I wish this whole thing had never happened. There's nothing I'd like better then to settle down and raise a few kids with Myria... we're married, or did I already say that? Oh well. It's my diary and I guess I can ramble on if I want to.
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