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A Garden Journal

Author: (currently unknown)
Place/Gathering Discovered: Something Evil in the Garden
Date: 1002 M.R.
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
Quantier Drimar the 27

I am keeping this journal to help any of those that find it understand what has happened to our beloved Nation. That is, assuming, any survive to read it. Our allies from across the sea have yet to show. I fear they are not coming.

Today marks the fall of the Trimistus empire. It has been a cornerstone of freedom and hope for centuries. Now, its leaders are dead, its people scattered and its fields salted. Enfield has done his job all to well.

Two summers ago Enfield G'or Bloodslake emerged from the blasted lands to the west. He led an army of twisted souls and corrupted creatures. He laid siege to the city of T'arkes and was defeated. His army crsuhed, he was forced to run. He escaped justice and disappeared

Rumors of 'things' in the woods began to surface, graveyards were looted for corpses and twisted abberations of nature began assaulting secluded homesteads. Families were slaughtered mercilessly and dragged into the night (Page 1)

A year after his defeat at T'arkes, Enfield once again attacked. This time, he swept into the city of LNALT and, without warning, levelled it. Its inhabitants, its buildings, everything was destroyed. Over sixty thousand men, women, and children perished in the flames.

Reports varied but it quickly became apparent that the Bulk of his army were the walking dead. This form of magic had been illegal for centuries and much of it forgotten. Enfield rebuilt LNalt as his own and created a mighty tower in the center. Assaults by combined nations upon this citadel failed and their warriors were added to his ranks.

Nation by Nation has fallen to him in the past few months. PARTIK fell in CANZ. Sch'tam saw the fall of both Q'lont and Egleshrigg. The sovereign nation of Tranaka fell in Floram.

Enfield's Reign Of Blood seems to be the end of civilization as we know it. The free nations of the world fall one by one. Someone needs to do something. (Page 2)
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