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Recipies from Monk's Keep

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: ruins of Monk's Keep in Elemirre, Return to Monk's Keep
Date: January 1005
Transcribed by: Iris

Deep Roots
B Vial Moonwater
B Spoon Bluebell
B Pinch Dryad Marrow

uwx OX Lentitude
One Vial Sunwater
Two Spoon Foxglove
One Pinch Bluebell

One Vial Starnectar
One Pinch VWde bones
Two Pinch Dryad Marrow

Extreme Whiskey
One Vial Starnectar
One Pinch Rind Powder
One Pinch newt skin

Animal Insight
B Vial Starnectar
B Spoon Oapowder
B Pinch Bugbear Tears

Fast Antidote
Two vial sunwater
one spoon Foxglove
one Pinch Bugbear tears

Heal Limb
One spoon Starnectar
Two pinch volebones
One pinch bellberry

Rescue Statue
Two Vial Sunwater
One spoon starnectar
One pinch newt skin

Create Statue
One vial moonwater
One pinch rind powder
one pinch newt skin

Raise Dead
Two Vial Moonwater
Two Pinch Cinnamon
One Pinch Dryad Marrow

One Vial Moonwater
One spoon Oapowder
One pinch newt skin

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