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Nemesis Wraiths

There are six known wraiths: Archer, Pike, Hand and a Half, Shield, Mace, and Mage. Each fights exclusively with the weapon it is named for.

Several centuries ago, the demon prince Nemesis began building an army. He sought out the best warriors he could find, six in total, and convinced them, through various means, to serve him. The pike wraith was a mercenary; Nemesis offered a high enough price, and he accepted. The archer was not so simple; Nemesis threatened to kill his father if he did not join. Deceit was used to convince the Hand and a Half Wraith, who was a paladin on her way to becoming a Valkyrie. Nemesis pretended to be one of her deities; when she was on the brink of death, he told her that he could heal her, so that she could continue fighting the good fight, so long as she swore to work for him.

Each wields a particular weapon or weapon combination. Their weapons are magical, and of extremely high quality; it is not unusual for an adventurer to challenge one in the hopes of being able to win its weapon, though even if they are victorious, they are not granted the weapon.

Each wraith is a master with its given weapon combination. In addition to great marshal prowess, several of them have other advantages. The pike wraith, for example, has particularly thick armor, able to withstand up to three shots; he also has the ability to strike armor-piercing blows. The archer wraith’s arrows are tipped with fireballs that will consume anyone or anything they strike, while he is protected by an armored cloak. The Mage wraith throws magic missiles which drain a magic-user’s power. Perhaps the most frustrating is the mace wraith, which has the ability to heal and raise the other wraiths.

A wraith can only be affected in combat by a weapon matching its own in both length and style. Thus, the archer wraith can only be killed by an arrow, the pike wraith with a pike, etc.

As Nemesis is currently possessing the emperor of Kelguardia, the nation of Kelguardia can be considers allies of the demon prince and his wraiths.

Several years ago, Nemesis managed to possess a large majority of the leaders of the Realms. This means that the Realms in general are opposed to the demon prince.

At Black and White 1011, the Nemesis Wraiths appeared bearing a message that if Chimeron did not bow to Nemesis, he would see the nation destroyed. For that reason, Chimeron in particular is an enemy of Nemesis.

Where to Find: The Nemesis Wraiths tend to show up at social gatherings, such as feasts. They may also be found in Kelguardia. For the most part, they go where they are ordered to go, and it is difficult to predict when or where they will show up.

To Defeat:
A wraith can be temporarily defeated with the use of weapons that match the ones it wields. This is no easy feat, as they are exceptionally skilled fighters, and possess certain abilities that are beyond those of most adventurers. Anyone who defeats a wraith in one-on-one combat is marked on their left hand with an N. They cannot see this mark, and do not believe that it exists, no matter how hard one tries to convince them.

Abjury is critical in order to defeat a wraith. They are extremely resistant to this field of magic, but can’t resist forever. A total of five consecutive Enfeeble Being spells will break through a wraith’s resistance, weakening it so that it can be defeated without marking someone with an N.

There is known to be a ritual which would summon a Valkyrie who would be able to fight and defeat the wraiths. However, all that is known of it are what components are necessary; the details of how to perform it are unknown.

As previously mentioned, not all the wraiths serve Nemesis willingly; it is possible to redeem them. This was done with the hand and a half wraith, who is now free of Nemesis’s service. It is not known how to redeem the rest of them, only that it is theoretically possible.

DO NOT challenge a wraith to honorable combat, or in any way become engaged in one-on-one combat with one. It is not known what the Nemesis marks do, but there is no doubt that it is bad. The leading theory is that Nemesis will use the marks to possess the people bearing them, in a renewed attempt to build the army for which the wraiths were originally recruited. As it takes a very skilled fighter to be able to defeat a wraith, only very skilled fighters are marked. It would be very bad to provide Nemesis with an army of such very skilled fighters.

Note: This is a compilation of all the information I could gather about Nemesis Wraiths. If any of it is incorrect, or if there is more that you think should be included, please contact me such that I may update it. The more we know, the greater chance we have of victory.

-Squire Monique
Domus Equitum
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