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The sword Ophelia houses the spirit of the Faerie Duchess of Blossoms. In the journey to awake this Duchess of the True Court, her body was found to have been reduced to seeds and her soul stolen away by 'darkness'. It was discoved later that bois, denizens of Bedlam, had found her resting place and absorbed her. Her soul was freed and housed in a hematite band until a new body could be grown.

The seeds were left in Faelinn's care to grow. At the fourteenth Feast of Chimeron, Ophelia was planted with the hematite band in Faerie. In the morning, a sword resembling a flower was found growing in her place.

Lacking the strength, Ophelia chose the form of a sword to carry on her work. In her new form, the Duchess has two purposes: to protect CuCullain and to 'destroy the darkness' that tried to consume her. When fighting bois, Ophelia is able to easily destroy them. In fact, she is also seen to be a 'bane weapon' against the bois.

Though she lacks a true body, the Duchess is willful and still powerful.

Ophelia is just over three feet in length and has chosen Faelinn Shadowmoon as her current bearer.
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