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The Hilt of Earth

So, I got on the horn with my mates shortly after their little excursion about a year or so ago into some very 'odd adventures'. Although Spyder's story was very full with wine, women, and song, and a sweet mount named Munches; the best tale we Corsicans got for ya is from Octavian, a mere cartographer. Of course, if anyone else has a better 'report' for it, by all means save me some ink here!

Come to think of it, after Octavian told me all he could about this weird-ass Hilt, I haven't seen the guy. Gimme a shout if you spot him, Ivory - we've got a poker game to play!

- Iris Elenor Tranes IV,
Peddler of Smiles :)
Legal Merchant in Ivory
Sometimes-Legal Most Everywhere Else
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