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The Kiira Pendant

There are many Kiira; I've been led to believe that before the Realms was what we knew it as today (or even a couple hundred years ago), elves and druids (and other powerful beings with a penchant for oral tradition) would give of their life and their souls to create a crystal. Within this crystal, when correctly accessed, was much information as the beings would put into it before their last breath. Some beings would even participate in rituals before their last days, or enter pacts, so when their lives were ended (either naturally or violently), their soul would actually become a part of the Kiira. In this way, a Kiira could also be considered to its carrier an intelligent/sentient object, but not like Ophelia (who has titles and is a weapon). The Kiira is also very fragile.

Kiira can come in a variety of colors, but the only ones I have seen myself are bright green and a blue hue. They can be different sizes, like a pendant for one's neck (so about the size of a rowen or bigger), or even slightly smaller than a human head (such a Kiira is filled, indeed!).

The plural of Kiira is Kiira, like sheep and sheep or deer and deer.

This particular Kiira that I am working with (and thus will be making postings to the Ivory Library on) seems to be tied somehow to Blackwood. You can continue reading to follow me on the journey as it happens, for this particular Kiira enjoys journal entries, as it were.
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