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The Champions' Blade

The Champions' Blade is a very powerful black-bladed magic weapon that if you touched it (and was not it's wielder), would cause your arm to fall off. It belonged to Eth.

From a note in 1002 from Sir Tetch:
The Champions' Blade, all four, from my understanding, ceased to be once the shadowlord was destroyed, all save one, which is currently held by Eth.

Sir Tetch has also described the blade as "black with a red pommel".

From a note in 1002 by Heron McKrye:
I am not certain how, but I believe the Red Champion Blade was still in
Adyan's possession. When he was defeated by the demon Fey and banished to the Well of Souls, Jonny Angel took it for safe keeping. At the Ascension War Adyan once again had the Blade, and I believe he took it with him to the afterlife.
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