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Sylvan Steel

Type of Missve: public
Date: October 29 1010
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Good evening lords and ladies,

Let me first apologize for not addressing this sooner. After our encounter with the Demons upon our land there were coin to be found and is now circulating within the Realms. This coin is known as Sylvan Steel. This coin is considered to be quite valuable to my people and possibly to you as well. Sylvan Steel works much like Silver does, but requires the weight to be double the amount of the blade. The only way that these weapons can be forged is by a Natures' Kin Blacksmith, they shall forge you these blades as you get enough coin for them, with a small charge of gold for labor. These blades are stronger than your normal steel. They are forged together using Mythril, Natures Nectar, and Ancient elven magic. This blade can not be broke unless it is deforged. It is extremely strong and sharp and it can in some cases cut through thicker hides of some beasts that wonder within the Forest of Kelvar. Most importantly these blades can cut through stone without hurting the wielder in anyway shape or form. During the winter months that are to come I would encourage those of you to gather these coins together so that we can forge you a blade. Sylvan Steel is the balance for the Blade of Discord, which is another story for another time. I wanted to inform those of the Realms that were not able to help us what these coins in fact were and how much value they have. At the store within the village for each coin it is 5 times it's value to buy scrolls and such items. I hope that these winter months you all can find warmth, if you have any questions for me about Sylvan Steel please feel free to ask.

Thank you,

Lord of Natures' Kin
A Lord to Free Nations
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