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The Eclipse

(this is from sometime before April of 999)

The Company of the Eclipse is a mercenary company formed during the Autumn of 1989. Most of its members were introduced to the Realms by Queen Vrille of Blackavar (although at the time, she was only a Princess). Since that time, many of the original members have retired comfortably.

Being part of the Eclipse does not mean swearing an oath of fealty. Sir Alanom is by no stretch of the imagination the lord of any lands. We all live in different parts of the Realms, gathering whenever we think there will be work for us. Not every person is able to fight... sometimes because they simply cannot attend... other times because other oaths they have sworn come first. Due to this, there is no 'set fee' for hiring the Eclipse. The standard fee is 2 rowan per person per day... with an additional rowan going to the acting Commander at that time. We are flexible and will consider special pricing for warranted circumstances. Payment in coin other than rowan will need to be negotiated with the Treasurer.

The Eclipse is a mercenary company, not a group of assassins for hire. If someone asks us who we work for, we will provide that information. Orks, goblyns, drow, and other creatures of darkness need not bother to apply... you will be refused.

As for references, we have done work for Queen Vrille of Blackavar, Queen Margaritte of Chimeron, Lord Jarrod of Folkestone, Stuart of Tuath Fasach (acting for Sir Peregrine), and Baron Diamond of Banecroft. Those wishing to apply to join the Company of the Eclipse need to contact Sir Alanom to make a formal request. Be warned, we believe in unity within our ranks and any single member of the Eclipse can veto an applicant... so don't be too discouraged if you are refused.

Our members, past and present include:


Sir Alanom, Commander, Knight of the Eternal Flame
Franswah, Treasurer
Jarvis Rattail


Sir Myriel, Knight of Eagle's Rook


Sir Pyr Thalax, Knight of Eagle's Rook
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