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Order of the Spoon

The Order of the Spoon was founded by Lady Cassia of Chimeron as an order dedicated to training, supporting, and rewarding Realms Feastocrats. Cassia passed leadership of the order to Aeston Stromgate who coordinated the order for many years and oversaw the induction of new members. In 2013, Aeston passed on leadership of the order to Faelinn Shadowmoon.

There are three levels of membership within the Order: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. Each level has different requirements and expectations for a member of that standing. Inquiries about membership (requirements or requests) are welcome and should be directed to the Guild Master/Mistress.

All three levels of membership are permitted to wear the Order emblem - a wooden spoon. Masters are gifted with spoons painted with their personal colors. Journeymen are given an unpainted spoon upon reaching that achievement. Apprentices are gifted a (chefís) knife by their patron Master when joining.


An Apprentice level is for someone who...

...wants to learn more about feasting in the Realms.

...learns the basics of helping in a kitchen.

...actively takes a role in helping in a kitchen.

An Apprentice level member is someone who is beginning their learning about feasting in the Realms. They show an active desire to help and want to know more about how they can help in a variety of ways (dishwashing, serving, etc) but go beyond the basics of wanting to be a servant.


A Journeyman level is for someone who...

...has demonstrated a desire and capability to take a leadership role in a kitchen.

...has worked at many levels of involvement in a feast event.

It is expected that the Journeyman level will take time. The Journeyman level memberís skills and knowledge about food and feast planning will have grown considerably from the beginning to the end stage of this level.

A Journeyman should be able to accomplish the following tasks throughout their time at this level:
- design a course for a feast
- make a food/event budget
- prep cook
- schedule courses
- cook courses for the feast
- design a full menu for a feast
- recruit kitchen staff/servants
- assign and delegate tasks appropriately
- competently run a kitchen staff
- is in touch with the patrons of the feast
- constructively deal with any problems in the kitchen that arise during a feast

Though a Journeyman should require more hands on training at the beginning of this level of involvement, as the Journeyman progresses they will take a lead role in their learning. This can be done by proactively asking questions, seeking feedback from the event, or tailoring their learning to the desired area of interest. By the end of the Journeyman level, a member should be able to run the food at a non-feast event with little to no mentoring.


A Master level is for someone who...

...creates a new feasting tradition or takes over an existing feasting tradition and puts their signature mark on the feast (This should be a recurring tradition and should be run at least two years)

...is helpful to the feasting community at large.

...takes pride in their work.

It is expected that a Master level member holds their own feast or serves as the feastocrat for an existing feast or event where food is the primary focus. They also serve as mentors, grill buddies, cookie tasters, helping hands, sanity checkers, problem solvers, or anything truly needed at another feast. A Master should be proud of the food they are serving and in the event they are throwing.

Consideration of a candidate for Master of the Spoon will be discussed with the current Masters of the Order.

Becoming a Member

To become a member, approach the current Guild Master/Mistress with your interest. The Order of the Spoon is a Guild. This means that awards and "levels" of membership are not handed out to anyone in the Realms community. A prospective member must show initiative and want to be a part of the organization to be recognized by the Order. It is expected that members of the Order of the Spoon show interest in feasts and events other than their own in order to learn from different members and to share knowledge. In some cases, prospective members who are then inducted into the Guild are given a rank higher than apprentice based on the member's past experience. This possibility is discussed with the current active Masters of the Spoon and done in very rare circumstances only.

Members of the Order:

Aeston Stromgate
Alexander Cecil
Tarnisha of Chimeron
Katasha of Grimloch
Faelinn Shadowmoon
Malaki of Folkestone
Demetria Highwater

Fin Alta
Sybil Sarkin
Pawldo of Aifon
Magnus Heavyhammer
Neil Cook

Wil Craven McKrye
Fenris Ulf

Retired Members

Lady Cassia
Lady Falon/Spirit of Rhiassa

Kelkyrian d'Verai

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