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The Healers Guild

The Healers Guild is a place for new and old healers to come together. The goal of the Healers Guild is twofold:

1) To provide a system in which new and more experienced healers can learn healing spells, both the initial learning of the spell and advanced techniques. This includes things like how to be an effective support caster, how to properly defend a Circle of Healing, and other pertinent skills. We will be both students and teachers of healing magic.
2) To give healers, regardless of race or allegiance, a community and a support network without the commitment that is required of joining a nation.

There are two requirements for membership in the Healers Guild:

1) Know any healing spell greater then 2nd circle / be in the process of learning any healing spell greater then 2nd circle.
(Potion of Combat Raise Dead also counts for membership)
2) Follow the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct:

1) Always endeavor to better yourself.
1) Always endeavor to help the Realms.
3) While violence is necessary at times, look for other reasonable solutions first.
4) Look after the other members of the Healers Guild.
(Sometimes we need a Raise, and sometimes we need someone to sit there and listen. We are all here to support each other, whatever may come our way.)

Our heraldry is a field of white lined in gold with a gold rain drop in the center. All members will be given a belt favor with our heraldry. This way we can find each other, and so non-healers can find us on the battlefield. If you see a member of the guild wearing the favor with the gold rain drop facing out, then they still have castings of Raise Dead or Combat Raise Dead unused. If the field is plain then they have used all of their castings of Raise Dead or Combat Raise Dead.

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