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The Dancers' Guild

Penned by Freesia Den'ier for the Ivory Archives

The Dancers Guild was established in the realms around 1005 (Realms Year). The founding members were Freesia Den’ier (Beth Tozier), Talia Dechoros (CJ Klementovicz) and Aubrey of Thorne Valley (Jessica Smith).

The three came together with a single goal; to form a place where the dancers of the Realms could come together, regardless of fealty to dance. This environment is meant to be safe, welcoming and warm to all who enter.

At this time the guild boasts just over a dozen members, but there are hopes for expansion and growth. They pride themselves on being open to dancers of all backgrounds, nationalities and abilities. The presence of the dancers guild is meant to add a sense of atmosphere, culture, and revelry to events and gatherings.
The guild is not confined to just the art of Belly Dance, but includes Fire Spinners, Poi, and other performances considered to be types of dance.
At any time, those hosting a gathering who wish for the Dancers Guild to come and dance, all they need to do is ask.

There are a set of guidelines the guild has in place to not only keep the dancers safe, but to also ensure that they are well cared for and to ensure the safety of spectators.

[These rules are available upon request.]

At this time there is one mistress of the original three that is still actively adventuring in the Realms. Any requests to join the dancers’ guild or have members appear at a gathering should be directed to Dame Sir Freesia Den’ier in Folkestone Proper.
All are welcome.
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