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The Mountain of Power

Author: Sir Tetch
Date: 1002

The Mountain of Power was a Valdonian stronghold, and the seat of the Valdonian Empire, if my history serves correctly.

After the war with the Nameless One, the mountain was abandoned, and only Dama-ka, a great fire spirit, remained behind, asleep.

Several years ago, the forces of Zermarx, teamed with the Nameless One, took over the mountain.

The heroes of the Realms came to the mountain to destroy Zermarx, and to forge Dorthak (a weapons designed to kill Skullcrusher, the Nameless One's orc avatar) and to reforge the Soul Blade (the Key to Her eventual destruction.). While within the mountain, the Heroes of the Realms restored (sort of) the Valdonian king, Shalnuk. Unfortuantely, they only returned him to unlife, a situation he wasn't very pleased with.

Dama-ka was reawakened in the altercations within the mount, and it is her power that helped forged the two weapons.

A few years later, the people of the Realms found Shalnuk, and forged a weapon to help free Lunataris of a Draconian threat.

(librarian's note: It should be noted that a latter passage in the same missive states that Dama-ka is now dead)
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