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Author: Rathkealians themselves(transcribed by Sir Iawen Penn)
Date: February 28 1010 M.R.
A nation of islands for outcasts, pirates, rouges, thieves, practitioners of the darker arts, and those who just want a place to roam around. Founded through battle, forged by loyalty, Rathkeale is strong in magic and the ways of the sea. Demons are not welcome here, and full blooded elves are treated with great distrust if not open hostility(they have invaded the Rathkeale homeland, after all).

Rathkeale was one of the four Kingdoms that made up the larger nation known simply as The Empire. The Empire was ruled equally by four leaders: Emperor Artex Bluebane of Rathkeale, High General Cinnabar of the Borderlands, High Chancellor Trent of Achoria, and High Lord Devlin of Shadowdragon. The Empire ruled over much territory and many people, with the common goal of living in security and prosperity for all of their people.

The Kingdom of Rathkeale is made up of five Counties - the island of Rathkeale, the island of Videssos, the island of Vanguard, the Crimson Isles, and the peninsula of Rockwood. They sought to expand themselves and their holdings along the coast, to rid their main island of the Blue Elves, and show their proper respect to the Earth Mother who tends to them; and Hades, who protects them. "For what is death but a part of life?" - Emperor Artex Bluebane

The military capital is Crucible on the Island of Videssos. It and the smaller ports are free-trade areas, open to all who would not raise arms against Rathkeale. Donovale is the diplomatic capital where no weapons are carried other than authorized Rathkealian military. This is a good place to hold diplomatic meetings between nations where trust in an issue.

They believe in maintaining pockets of order where it is necessary to rule and greet the outside world. Otherwise, they believe in the freedom of the individual, and the chaos that comes with it. "Long live the Free Kingdom of Rathkeale!" Emperor Artex Bluebane of Rathkeale, Knight of Rathkeale
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