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Wayfarer's Rest

Wayfarer's Rest is a tavern that can be found, usually, on the Free Road, east of Chimeron and south of Folkestone. It was built after the war with Bedlam. From the outside, you will find it a normal enough tavern, though it may be hard to find, except when it is looking for you, as is sometimes the case with magical places.

Inside, it seems that Wayfarer's Rest is actually a place that crosses the planes and times, known as the Tavern at World's End. It usually seems normal enough, but sometimes the inhabitants are very strange. I have met people who thought elves didn't exist and that the ones who were present were just humans in costume, people who are unfamiliar with the ideas of Kings and Queens, and, on a few memorable occasions, myself.

You will always depart to the same time and place you came from, and cannot bring anything not from your time and place with you. I have evidence that information that is too "out of place" will be forgotten as in a dream, as well, so the Tavern does not appear to pose any threat to our Realms despite its unusual nature. Indeed, it is a very enjoyable place to spend time, when you can find it.
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