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Around 300 or so years ago from our current date(677 M.R.), Gwenethlin was a very similar place to how it is now.

At about that time there was an organized group of raiders called The Horn of Yoroi that did their pillaging in what would become the Southern Realms as we know it, and it wasn't long until their targets included Gwenethlin.

So Gwenethlin became the victim of many border skirmishes which began to tax its militia. A battle-hardened unit of the Westmarch Militia took place in these battles. The unit was led by an experienced soldier named Captain Redfist. He decided to best combat the continuous raids on Gwenethlin he should set up camp along the border. He did this by evacuating the town of Arbor Way, and making it his base camp. However this plan was ultimately not successful.

The raiders were well organized, led by several mercenaries, and overall more numerous. They succeeded in cutting off Redfist's unit from the rest of the Gwenethlin forces and slowly picking them apart. Redfist was fighting a losing battle, but in one short-lived victory, his troops managed to recover a magic artifact from the raiders. It was a staff that appeared to be some sort of power for healing. The war priest for the unit, Lieutenant Richardson, found that he could do a ritual with the staff to allow the Company to regenerate within the camp they made in Arbor Way, so they could hold out long enough for reinforcements to get to them.

But they were deceived. The staff was in fact a cursed item, necromantic in origin. The spell that was supposed to preserve their lives instead stole them away. They at once became mindless undead, their only purpose to continue to wage war in which they would always rise to fight again/ The blast of magical energy was large enough that no small number of raiders were caught in it as well, doomed to continue their attack forever.

300 years later anything that was left of their undead bodies has withered away, and all that remains are ghosts... shades of the men they were. Their only purpose is to kill whoever is not their ally, and all of their allies died many years ago. The two armies clash together in ghostly combat, vanquish one another for a time, and then respawn from the winds to engage in battle again. Time after time the hapless traveler has wandered the direction of Arbor Way, but they were just another invader to the ghosts of Redfist's unit, and easy prey to the ghosts of the raiders. Those unlucky people were often killed before they could even scream in horror...from Arbor Way rumors and stories escaped, but seldom the living.

And so the soldiers and raiders remained in immortal combat; their spirits unable to rest until some great and benevolent hero comes to break the curse.
In one thousand and three (1003 M.R.), Sir Tetch, Sir Blade, and many others made their way to Gwenethlin and more specifically, Arbor Way, to do just that. You can read about it in Tetch's notes in the Library. - Iawen Penn
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