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Free Kingdoms

Author: Various, see individual missives below
Date: March 1003
Hello Again,
Can anyone give me some insight as to what the Free Kingdoms are, and/or whether it is a nation itself, or like a commonwealth. Thanks for the help
- Jaha "Rogue Squadron"

Hello Jaha,

In answer to your question:

The Free Kingdoms are a union of separate lands, all sworn to King Jarrod Marshalle, First of his name. So far, I am aware of three lands officially sworn (Folkestone, Grimlock & Rhiassa) however, more people express interest every day, so I'm not sure I have the whole Kingdom listed.
Each land may be ruled as it wishes, but two laws are always to be observed; There is a ban on thievery, and a ban on atrocities. The Lord of each land is expected to govern and to enforce. Any act or rule made within the union may be appealed to the throne, who may overrule as he sees fit.
The goal of the Free Kingdoms is to promote growth, wealth & well being for all its citizens. The lawlessness that has been consuming our realms gives our true foes many opportunities to injure us. Order, without tyranny, will make us strong.

I would be pleased to answer any further questions I can on the subject,

Law of Folkestone
Priest of the Dark One


The new country under Blade's Lordship is spelled "Grimloch" as in 'Grim
Lake'.. not Grimlock (um... hard to open?)

In service,

Sir Tetch Korucanta
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