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Kelguardia is a land far to the west that has fallen under the control of a evil emperor. The true prince is in exile with his Knights of Kelguardia.
There is a forest in which the Kelguardian Elves live, who were mostly all turned to stone when the Emperor burned it down, to destroy the ley line that ran through it. The magics, and therefor the forest, was restored by the heros of the Realms in the summer of 1006

Kelguardians have little to no magic of their own, but they have learned of the Realms' abilities, and have called upon us a few times to help them in their plight.

The Emperor seems to have some strong ties to the Demon known as Nemesis. It is possible that they are one and the same. The Emperor began his conquests in Kelguardia shortly after Nemesis was spotted for the last time in the Realms. The Nemesis Wraiths were first newly spotted in the lair of Dr Slashblight.
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