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Words from Wyrdwood

Type of Missve: Written
Date: June 1989
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Greetings and Well Met! Well, our first event has come and gone and was an overall success. Thank you all for attending. Within this issue, you will find reviews written by some of those who attended, both for and against. We appreciate your views, for we cannot improve something if we do not know what is wrong with it. Some things are obvious, others not so.

As Baron Sir Tristan, I offer my most humble apologies to those who did not enjoy themselves or who felt they were unfairly treated during the Night Quest Many people asked what the point of the Quest was. In a nutshell, it was to experience fighting at night and maybe have a thrill or two. Treasure was not, and will seldom be, the main reason for questing. Saving the world scenarios we attempt to avoid. Simply put, each group fought what amounted to a holding action against the forces of Faerie. There was treasure to be sure, in fact, my entire Baronial Treasury was sitting unguarded on a rock not ten feet from the fourth party. Swan actually got some gold, so there was money. The total value was in the tens of thousands silver. The Royal Armorer was there to be rescued, a Priest-Killer needed to be killed, and there was a werewolf running about to boot.

On the other end. We will not, except in certain circumstances, tell you what you are questing after. You all had rumor sheets and you had the stories of survivors upon which to form your own reasons for going. We are not going to supply your imagination for you. Furthermore, some of you went and complained to the Prince. Why? He was not up there. If you had complaints you should have brought them to me. I ran the Night Quest. If there was fault, it lies with me, not the Prince, A lot of time and effort went into the quest, and I think it was quite obvious that the Prince was exhausted and in pain. Yet one person told me that some people badgered him for up to three hours. We do these for everyone, not just you. These people know who they are. Enough.

So you know we are actually learning from our mistakes, here are some of the things we learned:

1) Activity should be ceased before the Marshalls and NPCs reach the exhaustion point and continued the next day.
2) Two-day events of this size need more than three Marshalls. However in order to become a Marshall you must take the prescribed course. For further info, contact Prince Robert or myself.
3) Tighter guard on quest areas before the quest. No-one should be allowed to enter the area beforehand. Part of the delay was due to missing and rearranged sylume sticks.
4) Encouragement of earlier arrivals for participants. A rather large portion of the delay stemmed from the fact that people showed up late. Things such as qualification and weapons inspection, not to mention rules reading, be done, and they must be done BEFORE any activities start. The longer we must wait for people, the later we get started. No-one is exempt from the requirements of qualification and inspection. Not myself, not the Prince, no-one.

On a different tack, because this was our first event, we took in people beyond the set limit. This will not happen at subsequent events. We had a limit of 80 people and about 100 actually attended. Pre-registration is important. There will be no more deferments. If you show up at the door you pay the increased amount. Calling alone is no longer sufficient. If you want a spot reserved you must pay a deposit beforehand and the balance at the door. No deposit, no spot. We run these events for everyone, and all must be treated equally. First come, first served.

For those of you who are interested, our balance after the event came out to 830.00 in the red.

Prince Robert II & Baron Sir Tristan
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